Tagine / Tajine food

I’ve had such a short time together with my Tagine… Why? I loved it so much! I cooked in it twice a week (sometimes 4 days straight) but today.. today it has ended. Ended cause my Helmī (1 y 5 m) simply get it down from the table where I left it. I left it with the thought, that it […]


It’s been a while since I saw a doe in my garden for the last time. Finally, they are here once again! I love these animals. They are so beautiful, majestic, and free animals! The way they are eating, the way they are jumping, the way they are walking. I love it! Our living room windows are the site seeing […]

Surprise: Valentine’s Day

Oh nice, this year I had a surprise. Flowers on a kitchen table! Not expected at all! We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We don’t need to! We love each other every day and we aren’t spending money on things and flowers.Encouraging, Inspiring and making laugh. Helping each other, forgiving and being together. Growing our girls together. Not dividing household jobs by “for women” […]

Mistical Allergy

We visited our doctor when the first “look like chicken pox” showed up. And she said it is an allergy! We won’t believe her and the reason is: We eat at home and usually I plan, prepare and cook our meals and it is 20 recipes repeating; Most of our food are organic or from local small farmers who grows it […]

Homemade Ramen with Mushrooms & Boiled Eggs

I love instant noodle meals. BUT. The lack of nutrients and high amounts of salt and saturated fat and several unhealthy ingredients keeps these meals away from my plate. Another issue for me is they are packaged in Styrofoam, which contains a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to interfere with how hormones send messages through the body. […]

Wooden Cubes Pattern set

We bought set of wooden blocks for girls to play a few years ago. They still use them when playing with other wooden sets but not that much anymore. I don’t like throw away toys (nor other things!). That old set has cubes in it and now it’s time to use them again. Since Nelle (will be 5yo in May 2017) loved these […]

Popsicle stick pattern cards

Yesterday we had s busy day by making and using popsicle stick pattern cards. I found few popsicle stick pattern cards on the Internet for Nelle to try out. Every new card was greeted with such an enthusiasm and happy face ready to start to match the pattern on the card with the colored popsicle sticks… After 30 minutes the Internet run […]

Chicken pox?

All my girls are home cause I’m still not sure if Helmī (>1 year old) has Chicken pox or not! We visited doctor yesterday and she said it is not the Chicken pox but she can’t say what it is!!! The diagnose was “Unknown allergic reaction”. OK, I might say it is fine – we ate few kiwis and melon on Saturday, it […]

Who’s working and who’s having day off

Last two days are busy for me. My two bigger girls are having a day off from kindergarten. For them, it’s sleep til 9:30 am and having fun all day without napping! And going to bed at 11:30 pm.  For me, it’s a had time especially when it comes when I’m not prepared! And by prepared I meant everything else […]