Yeast free quick pumpkin bread

One day I realize that I can’t eat bread that has yeast in it. So now I have to bake my own bread and guess what, this bread is the most delicious seed bread that I have ever tasted. And it’s easy to make. You don’t have to knead it and don’t have to wait until it rises. It takes […]

Scissor cutting practice: Simple Shapes / Free Easter printable

Scissor cutting practice is important for developing the fine motor skills that young children need in order to hold pencils, pens, and crayons. Children should start scissor cutting practice before learning how to write. About the Scissors cutting skill development you can find in my previous post: Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers.  Practice sheets for short and long cuts, you can download here: Scissor […]


1 000 likes on my Latvian mom’s blog. That is something I’m grateful for. I wanna thank you all – my readers! Thank you for reading and for liking. For commenting and for good thought sending. Thank you! I’m still in bed with wet cough drinking herbal tea and eating berries. It’s pity I can’t get out for “spring in […]

Our Natural Remedies

This weekend wasn’t as planned! Definitely wasn’t! So… as you might know, we wanted to start our first small travel trailer trip to visit my mom. We didn’t! Why? Girls were ill but getting better (on Friday morning). So we thought that we will go… We tried our caravans Truma gas heating system for the first time and we end up […]

Getting ready: cleaning treiler / caravan

This is THAT day! Finally, we can’t wait any longer and decide to bring our caravan home to clean it up and start to install solar panels on the roof and move in. Here is the video how it looks inside and my feelings…. [youtube] It was easy to clean… it wasn’t dirty and it’s about ~8 square meters!!! […]

March: Birthday month

I can’t believe it’s already 20th of March! This weekend we celebrated: 3rd birthday of our girl  Linna 31st birthday of my husband Janis 55th birthday of Janis father 25th birthday of Janis brother and more… (uncles and cousins, aunts and godmothers) !! We had one big party for all the Birthdays! As usually within Janis family there isn’t such […]

Cauliflower egg bake with cucumber salad

We like savory breakfast better than sweet. Only Sundays are sweet thanks to pancakes.  And even on Sundays, we start with bread and cheese or something savory and then ends up with delicious pancakes. Today we had veggie breakfast: cauliflower egg bake with cucumber salad. Savory breakfast idea Ilze

One pot pasta with smoked sausages & cheese

This morning Janis called the parents if they can drive girls to kindergarten (they are living 800m from us and working in town, too, it’s not like they have to go completely different direction for us). Janis had to work till 3:30 am (this is what you get if you are in IT!). So… I opened up a fridge and can’t […]