DIY: 2 in 1 Waterproof Picnic blanket

I always wanted to have a beautiful red and white checkered picnic blanket. Big enough to for all of us. Waterproof and easy to clean (washing machine safe). Well… I dreamed and now I can say dreams come true! We have Waterproof, big enough, red and white checkered picnic blanket. I saw the beautiful cotton flannel fabric and can’t resist. Finally, […]

Wood Pigeon / Columba Palumbus

About a year ago I saw two wood pigeons flying away from a fir tree. And for me, it’s not easy to identify the bird from the back! Since it was my first time saw Common Wood Pigeon. Today I was lucky – they were there again! And I made it to the camera and back to the window. I […]

Grandma’s tea set

I love this tea set and I use it very often. I adore vintage porcelain especially from Bavaria region (Germany). I would buy them all if I had enough space to store… but who actually need 1000 different plates and coffee sets 🙂 This set that is made in Riga, Latvia in Soviet Union times is special to me. It’s from my […]

Wood Anemone (Anemone nemorosa)

Finally, I stepped out to see what’s blooming around our house. We don’t have flower beds (ok, one small with daffodils) so all the beauty is from wildflowers. Like these ones… … I called my mom to ask the name. I know there are such flowers white and yellow (we had them in my grandma’s orchard) but I never knew […]

How to Pack for a Picnic in 5 Minutes

A spontaneous picnic is the one I’m talking about. Can you pack for such picnic in 5 minutes? All you need is quick, free from cooking, cutting and mixing lunch box ideas! Grab and go! Usually, we have our picnic in the nearest forest (only 10 km away from home & people) that belongs to Latvian State Forests. They restore forests and sometimes […]

Finger painting

We (me and Janis) need free time to fix/install electricity in the caravan so I decided to delight my two oldest ones with finger paint and finger painting. I brought a garden table inside to be sure that it is easy to clean afterward. While the youngest one was napping the biggest sisters was able to do whatever they want with that […]

Princess on the pea

Oh gosh! We had our first sleep in the caravan! I didn’t know I’m such a princess on the pea!! The mattress was too hard, the ventilation fan of heating system was too loud and the night was too short 🙂 Now we know what we need to fix/improve to feel comfortable and safe. By the way… girls loved it! […]

Long day…

Today was a long, long, long day. I woke up at 7 am and went outside to catch a sunlight while girls were sleeping. After 20 minutes I went back in to check if Helmī is up and she was. Smiling like a sun from her crib! Good morning! After breakfast, we discovered that our car doesn’t have the right towing hitch! […]


I was surprised to saw tiny daffodils growing in my flower bed… they weren’t there last spring! I stood there for a while and enjoyed this unexpected beauty! And suddenly I remembered – I plant them last Easter! I had them for the Easter decoration and later I didn’t throw them away – I planted them! And they survived. They are […]