DIY: Meadow flower head wreath

I love natural flower head wreath. Usually, here in Latvia, we make them on Jāņi (more about Latvian tradition called Jāņi read in one of my previous posts) or on a wedding day. So here is how I make it. I learned it from my grandmother and she learned it from her grandmother. All you need are flowers and thread. […]

Līgo / Jāņi 2017

Jāņi 2017. Celebrated at Salacgriva (my hometown), Latvia. I made floral head wreaths (I don’t know another name!!!) for all girls and me and Jāņi cheese like planned. This time it Jāņi cheese wasn’t that good. The first thing to do when I’ll get back home – find my Jāņi cheese recipe and post it here so I can find […]

Līgo / Jāņi celebration

I wrote about Līgo and Jāņi in one of my previous blog posts. I wanted to make Jāņu siers (cheese), floral head wreath and spend time together with friends. And we did it! Unfortunately, my photos from Līgo are too big for our mobile network. Somehow WordPress app doesn’t want to upload them. ;( I hope to share them later on. Ilze […]

Getting ready for Līgo

As I wrote yesterday – tomorrow is Līgo. And if the weather will be nice – we will celebrate it. About Latvian traditions on Līgo and Jāņi, you can read in my previous post. I’m a busy bee today. Time to clean caravan and get ready for tomorrow’s celebrations. First things first – I have to get cheese (Jāņu siers) recipe […]

Jāņi is coming

Jāņi is an annual Latvian festival celebrating the summer solstice. I know that solstice usually is on the  21 or 22 of June, but here in Latvia, we have public holidays on 23 June called “Līgo” and 24 June called “Jāņi”. I can’t imagine celebrating Jāņi in the city. It’s the celebration that requires a countryside. All starts with collecting flowers […]

Poor sleep

Okey…. I can’t sleep for two night already. “What is wrong with me!?” I asked myself. I’m having a poor sleep. I had no idea until this morning!   I woke up feeling tired already. What is wrong!? Maybe our caravan is parked in the “bad” place!? I started to think about what’s changed in last few days. Somehow I […]

Savory potato pancakes

These savory potato pancakes are from my brother’s girlfriend Ilona. Love them so much she backed them twice in two day time. If I ask more she will back again, I guess! I never ate such a tasty savory potato pancakes. I have to share the recipe. Wich is approximate! I have no need to bake them and make exact recipe. […]

Sea: Gulf of Riga

We call it sea. But it’s a gulf.Doesn’t matter. Nelle calls it a big lake. Anyway… Girls were at sea again. It’s not that warm yet but Janis and girls love the sea and I think free time might be handy. So, I let them go and have fun in the sand…. not water! It’s way too cold for girls, […]

I’m hurting myself

I was a young girl… I wanted to make career and the reason was my family was broken. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom tries to pay bills and feed us. It was an interesting time and experience in my life. I knew that I need a good education to have a well-payed job to be an independent. And […]

A bit of the sun and the wind: Salacgriva

Today we had sunny weather here in Salacgriva. Still windy, but sunny! No rain! All the ground is soaking wet and muddy, so girls still need rain boots and the wind asks for warm fleece jackets, too. Baltic sea is 2 km away from us, so Janis took two bigger girls to the sea. To play in the sand. After a […]