How to travel with kids

Now I have my head full of ideas what we need to pack, how we need to pack, what we need inside the car, what in the caravan. Where to go, how much km we can drive in one day, how to relax and how to entertain 3 kiddos.


But when I’ll get home – I’ll get into “normal life” and forget all those good / proved / new ideas… that came out of doing/trying/failing experience…


3 thoughts on “How to travel with kids

  1. It’s amazing how we slip back into normal life so quickly even after a great adventure. I scribble down my ideas or better still some notes in my phone etc. Checklists work for me as well. No doubt you will work it out. You’re smart.

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    1. Thank you! I already started to write down all the ideas. Also. We are returning to Latvia but not to our house. We will live in the caravan for few more weeks but in Latvia. 🙂 maybe travel all around Latvia…. there are places I’ve never seen.

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