Kitty Cat / Sunset

A small trip that made us smile. Made us happier, healthier and calmer. All cats need love – even old ones! A Lovely sunset at the end and all without crying went to bad. Summer, I love you! Ilze

Wild Blueberry Cobbler

It’s blueberry season here in Latvia and we’ve been eating loads of wild blueberries! We add blueberries to smoothies or eat them with quark/ricotta and whipped cream. Since it’s Sunday and we have visitors it’s time for cobbler. Perfect, easy to make and delicious wild blueberry cobbler. Recipe below. Summer dessert Ilze

Jasmine tea

I remember my first time drinking green tea with jasmine. It was terrible and I needed some time to try it again but after that, I was completely in love with jasmine. I don’t know if jasmine that grows here in Latvia has all those benefits that Chines jasmine does but this is the only tea I’m using for flavor, not […]

Meadowsweet Cordial / Syrup

“Cordial means a concentrated non-alcoholic fruit syrup that is diluted to taste and consumed as a non-carbonated soft drink.” I love the sweet sweet smell of meadowsweet. In our family, the Meadowsweet was collected for tea only. I made cordial few days ago and it’s all gone! So I have to make more for the winter. Cordial is sweet, sour and bitter […]

Frozen inspired summer day / Day off

This is the day off for my girls. They didn’t want to visit a kindergarten so we let them stay home. Actually, I’m sneezing and don’t plan to do any repairing/renovation job today. Girls found Elsa dresses… and run around singing “Let it go, let it go” half of the day.  Those of you who don’t hear “Let it go, […]

Sweet sweet meadow / Meadowsweet

Filipendula Ulmaria or Meadowsweet is an aromatic plant high in essential oils. This gives it a strong and pleasant scent. I’m collecting this plant only for few years to use it in an everyday herbal tea blend. Uses of Meadowsweet For Colds and Fevers Meadowsweet tea, when taken hot, is a relaxing diaphoretic. It promotes circulation and opens the pores to let […]

Summer time / Hay time

Finally, the sun is here and all the small (and also the big ones too) farmers around us make hay. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and also smell of freshly collected hay. I saw that our neighbor made the hay and I had time to take a walk with my camera. Usually, after the grass is cut […]

Yarrow tea

We were on the bike ride and found a field full of Yarrow. The good old Yarrow! It’s been used in our family as a cold treat for ages. I remember how my grandmother collected it in the nearest fields and picked every single flower cause there wasn’t plenty!Since we moved from city to countryside I dreamed about collecting Yarrow […]

Saturdays Bike Ride

If there is a sunny day we have a bike ride. And those sunny days are rare this summer here in Latvia. My mom visited us and we decide to go for a small bike ride before dinner. Girls asked for a picnic and that wasn’t a problem, as usual, I packed in few minutes. We were ready for the […]