Pan Fried Zucchini Slices

One of my summer time favorite light and delicious lunch in 15 minutes (including those few minutes, I spend running to the garden to get zucchinis). One thing you should know about zucchini is that they keep cooking after you take them off the pan. Make sure you take the zucchini off the pan before you think it is done. You […]

Problem with Kitchen Sink

We have new Stainless steel kitchen sink. That’s good, but since it’s possible to choose the side of the bigger sink to be located you have to tell where to put the hole for the tap when order. We decided to put the bigger sink on the right and table and smaller sink on the left but they just forgot to […]

DIY: Second section (Sink & Dishwasher)

And… the sun is shining and the weather is sweet again.. and I’m continuing with my kitchen unit making! I made the first part which was the baking corner. It turned out beautiful and is exactly what I need! I’m still can’t decide whether it will be covered in oil or other finish… So… Now it’s time to make the […]

Nelles beloved Godmother Viola

That was unexpected. Viola from Berlin visited us on Sunday! My girls were happy and so was I. I knew that she flew to Latvia on Friday night but I wasn’t sure if she finds time to visit us, she was there for a cousins wedding. The bride is Janis cousin too, but we weren’t invited. We aren’t that close, I […]

Word Challenge: V

I challenged myself to name the words starting with a certain number and then take a picture and share on the blog.  You can read about it here. So this is the first blog post in that challenge. I use Online random letter generator and the first random letter was V. According to my challenge, I started to think about words starting with […]

Silly Owl!

Imagine that: Night. Dark and cloudy night. You are driving a car on one of the Latvia’s main roads that are not lit. There’s nothing around, just forests and meadows. You need to turn left on the smaller road that leads to our house. It’s not lit and it’s gravel road. You slow down and make a turn and then… … […]


Kombucha. If you never heard of such thing – Kombucha can be described as ‘fermented tea’. Since the first time I’ve tasted kombucha I was interested to brew my own kombucha at home. Main reason – to know what’s inside and to make my own different flavors. In order to make kombucha, you’ll need a kombucha mother, also known as a SCOBY […]

DIY: Baking Corner

I’m so happy I’m gonna cry! I HAVE THE BAKING CORNER! And the best part – I made it! I made it from boards – few new and few old, few planed and few unplaned covered in splinters.  I did it and I’m proud! Indeed! I can’t express my satisfaction! I had an old shelf and at first, I wanted to […]

Old Shelf – New Life!

We have an old shelf (like really old – almost 60 years) that was used for storing grocery jars like flour, rice, sugar, etc. Now it’s time to clean it, sand it and finish with flax oil. I can’t imagine such an old shelf always being natural to finish with lacquer. Before: It’s time for the shelf to shine. To […]

First part: Baking corner

I decided to divide all the DIY kitchen unit project into smaller units. There will be a baking corner, sink & dishwasher section, cooktop & oven section and all for dining section. First will be the baking corner. I needed extra mixing & product storage space. I already know that I will love it! I decide to start with that, […]