Not the Honey cake, Honey!

Sorry to those who waited for the honey cake recipe from Helmī birthday! This is better than honey cake!


“What’s that!?!” with the surprised face I asked Janis…


“That I understand, but why it’s there!? Where did you get it and why we need another bicycle!?… Tricycle? Or whatever that is!?” O_o

“That is used electro-cycle for you!”

“!!!??!??!” I was shocked!? “Why? I don’t need new bicycle… electro-cycle…!!?!? And this one looks like for super old and wrinkle lady! Is it working!?”

“No… but has everything! I can mend it! No problem…”

“WHAT?!”… “Oh, I see.. you just want to mend something… you are curious how it works, right?”


He is curious, he is an electronic freak! And I love him! Doesn’t matter if he buys me an old and used things that better fits for the old ladies! Curiosity leed him and also the same with Helmī.



16 thoughts on “Not the Honey cake, Honey!

  1. Looks great to me, for me! Super for shopping. Cycling has gone crazy here, especially in our immediate locality. Those of us who don’t do it say the men just like getting dressed up in the tight Lycra 😜. In fact it really took off after the Tour de France was won by an Englishman, Bradley Wiggins, part of that famous race came to UK, we had a champion woman cyclist from our nearest small town, Lizzie Armitstead, and the Tour de Yorkshire was created. The bikes are a bit different though and amazingly expensive.
    Not sure your trike is better than honey cake 😂

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  2. Tour de Yorkshire is becoming the ‘biggest’ race in the UK. It has come through/near our village. Pretty much the whole village, including P and I, turned out to cheer the riders through. I tried to include a link about why it has become so popular (Yorkshire has many ‘interesting’, difficult climbs in beautiful scenery) but the comment would not post. I’ll see if this one goes; maybe your theme doesn’t allow URLs in comments.


          1. Haha. No idea if she says it. I just meant absolutely yes! I forget English is not your first language because you are so good at it but then i use slang terms you may not understand. 😊

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