Pumpkin & Lentil Soup

I guess there are hundreds of ways how to make a pumpkin soup! This is one of my favorites since it requires only one pot and when it comes to boil you are free (if you have good pot otherwise – stir occasionally). I think this is a super simple & delicious recipe. One-Pot wonder Ilze  

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 3

Forgot to share my progress on DIY Kitchen unit project. So here it is! Will you believe me if I’d say that I’m tired of a messy unfinished kitchen! But there’s nothing to blame but me :). And that’s hard… It’s easier to blame husband or worker than “GO&DO” by yourself! Isn’t it?! ūüôā SO, I will do it by […]

SCOBY doesn’t feel good

I remember how we tasted¬†the first batch from just received SCOBY. It was so delicious! The right amount of bubbles, sweet and sour taste – just right! Now since I’m making my Kombucha that is tea (we received our SCOBY with 2 liters of fresh black tea liquid and had to wait for 5 days to taste it!) and sugar […]

Brisk & Short morning walk

(Do I always start my blog with “I”?) I’m not fit. And by fit, I didn’t mean fit like fit into UK10/US12 size dress but fit with a fit body. Cardio!¬†Okay, I have really¬†bad cardio!¬†My mom is a brisk walker! And she just turned 64!!!! We had a walk on Saturday and I was like “slow down, slow down!”. We […]

Russian sweet cottage cheese bake

Linna is a¬†bigger help in the kitchen than Nelle. Nelle would love to live in the city but Linna dreams of walks in the woods, mushroom picking and bike rides. Linna is like me… so we baked together! This dish reminds me of my childhood in the kindergarten and school too. I loved Biezpiena sacepums (cottage cheese bake) with ń∑ńęselis […]

First Snow & First Time

Good morning everyone! Good morning Mother Nature! The first snow is here! It doesn’t look like¬†it stays¬†for long. BUT the fact that snow is here – is registered here on my¬†blog. With the snow, our friends showed up for the first time this season. All girls staying home today and we will have breakfast in candlelight! We are so happy […]

Frosty & Cold Morning

Brrr…. this was a surprise for all of us when we opened our eyes on Saturday morning and saw frost! Unexpected! Completely unexpected! The previous evening was beautiful and warm. I’m happy I was outside capturing all the beauty! Cause it was the last time this year we could enjoy the beautiful Latvian autumn colors. Now all the leaves are […]

Beautiful Autumn Evening

I had my walk a few days ago and I took my camera with me! First autumn frosts are here but I had lucky to capture the autumn colors just before it! This was a lovely autumn evening with the sun, clouds and yellow leaves. This is how Latvia looks in autumn. And I love it! Beautiful autumn colors: not […]

Popcorn & Popcorn maker

Popcorn… Last time I ate popcorn was 7 years ago in a cinema! I can’t recall the movie, but the popcorn was good. I like salty popcorn but it somehow isn’t the treat we choose to buy or make! We can live without popcorn easily. Now with the kids, I’m looking for sugar-free treats that girls would love. Like carrots, […]

Salacgriva / Moms birthday party

We were in Salcgriva yesterday for my moms birthday party. She celebrated her 64th birthday and had dinner at home. Just all together: me & my family, brother with his and my mom. She doesn’t like to celebrate or make parties. We had my favorite kotletes¬†(meatballs!? She knows how to make delicious, juicy meatballs for sure) for dinner with potatoes, […]