Happy Mail Day #3

Yes, Yes, Yes! It feels like I’m back to cardmaking! I began to order die cuts and embossing folders, get creative and spend time in my craft corner! Usually, I have to wait from 3 weeks to 2 months for the package to travel to Latvia.  The best part is to receive it finally and to open them! Cause sometimes I forget […]

Tea time… all the time!

Is there anyone else, who never tried black tea with milk before… or even black tea as itself didn’t fit in your everyday “cup of”!? And then one day, someone sends you a package with cookies and black tea (Thank you, grumpytyke) and you decide to try… and do it properly… with milk!!! I Did it! I tried black tea with milk! And […]

Auseklītis / Early Morning Star

  I was surprised to find this die cut on the internet. For me, it is something so Latvian. It is not just a random pattern – it is Latvian symbol – Auseklītis! Auseklis (The Morning Star) Auseklis is the Morning Star (Venus). The symbol is one of many ancient cosmological and magical symbols used in Eastern European folk art and […]

Hate doing laundry!

Normally day starts with loading and unloading a washing machine… hang cloth for air-drying… iron/fold and put “in place”. Imagine that?! Right every day – once or twice a day. I hate doing laundry and especially if all my effort is down the drain cause may be “the water is too hard” or “the washing powder isn’t too good” or “the washing […]

Cast Iron Pans from Ukraine

New kitchen needs new pans! No, it’s not the main reason. We needed new pans cause we are more than we were 5 years ago when I bought my first Cast Iron pans! I bought them on eBay.de and don’t know the manufacturer. That was a Frying Pan Set of 3 Iron Skillet in sizes: 15 cm, 20 cm and 25cm […]

Printable Santa’s Beard Countdown Calendar

This year I made Santa’s beard countdown calendar. A bit different Advent calendar – no presents, no treats – just countdown. I can’t decide whether girls would love to see the date of the day (like a calendar) or answer to the question: how much days till Christmas!? There are Advent Sundays when we lit the candle and those days are […]

Card Making

Handmade Christmas cards aren’t cheap but they are unique and made by a person, not a machine. I started to make cards when I was pregnant with my first girl in the year 2012. I’ve been through a lot of phases since then: had time, didn’t want to see cardmaking stuff, had time and loved making cards, had time but […]

Coffee Break & Cookies

Coffee break is better than ever with these cups! After doing some chores I love to have time with a cup of coffee and few sugary treats. Usually, it was nosy time with much disturbance and in hurry but now since all the girls are in the kindergarten I can enjoy quiet time and without “goodie steelers” around. This time […]

Very Free Range

A few days ago we were visiting Janis uncle and talked about how easy/hard is to keep free range chickens for eggs. I know I’m not that type of person who can remember feed animals every day, and clean after them… As kids, we have rabbits at my grandmother’s house. Me and my brother we gathered food for rabbits, cleaned […]

Linnas Godfather

Our beloved Linna’s godfather visited us on Monday. We chatted about life and how you get used to “unnormal” things pretty fast… And it’s true! In the first, you might think that something hit you very hard but after few times you get used to it! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Linna was as always – happy when […]