That Green Wall

This is how it will stay until spring…


Have no time to continue and I’m not sure if I need to continue. Now that wall looks rustic cause there are few places where I couldn’t get the green paint of.

Ant that wall already looks better in my opinion… Well, doesn’t meter! Christmas decoration will solve this 🙂

I’ve been cleaning the mess since yeaturday! So much dust and paint parts. I covered my kitchen units but still, there is dust everywhere! Wish me luck!


14 thoughts on “That Green Wall

      1. First, don’t make yourself ill. Take a bit of a rest. Then, that ‘green line’ looks like a bit of quadrant which should be easy to remove, scrape off the remaining green paint from the boards and either scrape the quadrant before replacing or replace with new. But get better first!

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    1. …at least I was clever enough to see the potential in it :)))! A bit too much green in the upper part, but I will finish it before spring :). Now getting ready for “Mārtiņdiena”, “Lāčplēšdiena”, Latvia’s birthday and than.. CHRISTMAS! 🙂


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