Dress & Shoes or….

I hope you remember my strong commitment to buying new shoes and a dress as an award for finishing DIY Kitchen units project!


Sorry, but this time (as all the other times) dress & shoes were switched to vintage porcelain tea/coffee set… Well. It came almost complete but I’m used to it… There was only one time I received everything unbroken! The worth scenario was 1/3 of all the dining set was crashed… But I don’t mind… Let it be! I’m using my porcelain and if the set isn’t full I have no problem to lose few more over the years.


This one is from Czechoslovakia. I never had one from Czechoslovakia before but some say that they have good porcelain! And I didn’t choose it cause it’s from Czechoslovakia but cause it has yellow roses. Love them!

I would love to have a kitchen in yellow and dark gray. I’m working on it… At least it’s not green anymore!


P.S. I have to hand wash it and then I will share how it looks 🙂

29 thoughts on “Dress & Shoes or….

  1. Well as I said before, you deserve both. So enjoy your porcelain but now go out and buy yourself a new dress and shoes then post a pic of you enjoying a drink from your porcelain while wearing the new dress and shoes! 😀😀😀

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      1. What kind of dress do like? (I saw your comment that all locally available look “weird” on you. I’m not sure that’s right – what’s Janis’s opinion?).I’d love to visit Latvia but I don’t think Petronela would be enthusiastic. I’ll have a look at Cesis.

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          1. I had a look at Cesis. It does look lovely and sounds interesting too. As we recently discussed in our writers’ club, no comment means what? – I’ll have to have a word with Janis if I do come to Latvia 😜. Petronela says she appreciates knowing that she’ll get an honest answer from me if she asks for my opinion on her dress, even something as simple as “do you think this is too short for school?” Mind you, if she wants to wear something she will whatever my opinion, which I in turn appreciate 😇

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            1. Cēsis is beautiful! You should meet Janis in person, cause he is hard to describe! He is so kind and friendly (and I didn’t mean partying around, but helping when there is a need)


    1. 🙂 I guess it’s easier to buy porcelain than dress! They all look weird on me… I guess here in local stores aren’t “normal” dresses 🙂


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