Celebrating Latvia’s 99 Birthday

Someone made a big surprise and visited us on Latvia’s 99 birthday! Thank you, brother! We had a lovely time together. I made Anthill cake, cause it easy to make and don’t need an oven. I printed Latvia contour and assembled the cake to look like Latvia. Everyone liked it and it wasn’t that hard! Anthills cake is easy to form […]

Dress & Shoes or….

I hope you remember my strong commitment to buying new shoes and a dress as an award for finishing DIY Kitchen units project! Sorry, but this time (as all the other times) dress & shoes were switched to vintage porcelain tea/coffee set… Well. It came almost complete but I’m used to it… There was only one time I received everything unbroken! […]

18th November – Latvia’s Independence Day

18 November is the Independence Day of Latvia — there were no borders set, a group of dedicated nationalists proclaimed an independent Latvian state on this date in 1918. Several months after this courageous step had been made, military interventions still went on — the Russian Empire did not want to lose this important territory. This day is still the most important national […]

Latvian Gray Peas

My previous blog post was the recipe for gray peas. I shared it without thinking about “gray peas” as itself. Big Gray Peas are easy to get here in Latvia cause it turns out is something completely special. So special that have been enlisted in the European Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) list.     Gray peas are dried seeds of the local […]

Grey Peas With Bacon & Onions

This is one of the traditional Latvian dishes for the autumn and winter season. It is traditional Latvian Christmas dish! I usually make gray peas more than needed and then heat them up on the next day but not on New Year’s Eve! On the New Year’s Eve, everyone has to eat peas in order not to have tiers for the […]

Dark & Unpleasant

This pond is in the Janis parents property. In the spring I love to walk to the pond and sat in the swing and watch how Nature wakes up. Few days ago I took my walk and can’t believe my eyes. It was so dark, so mystery, so unpleasant…. I took the picture and walked away it felt like demons lived […]

Puddle selfie

Yesterday wasn’t a good day. It felt like “Friday the 13th. I got a headache. All girls were crying and didn’t wanted to go to kindergarten. I guess they had a wonderful weekend. Mondays are hard in this household especially when the weather is gray and rainy. I had a short walk, a bit longer then I use to, but maybe […]

A visit from a friend

My old-time friend visited us this weekend. We laughed and cried the tears of joy together. Last time he was around here was at our wedding 7 years ago. After that, he visited us in Riga on one of my birthdays about 5 years ago, just before Nelle has arrived. He has been through tuff times lately but I’m glad he […]

Celebrating “Lačplēšu diena”

Yesterday we were in procession for the first time! I was surprised how many people were there. Also, girls liked that and I think that this will be our new way how to celebrate “Lāčplēšu diena”. I was so taken away by all the candle lights and was amazed by all the people! Ilze

11th of November – Lāčplēsis Day

Lāčplēsis Day celebration was forbidden in Latvian SSR existence, the first time it was celebrated by putting candles into windows in the year 1988. Since 1990 it is the day Latvia honors Latvian Freedom Fighters. I still remember my first candle! I was only 6 years old.  I remember how I sat on the window sill (we have more than half […]