10th of November – “Mārtiņdiena”

—wikipedia Mārtiņi or Mārtiņdiena is an ancient Latvian winter welcoming holiday when the time of pieguļa and shepherding came to an end. According to a solar calendar, Mārtiņdiena marks the midpoint between the autumnal equinox (Miķeļi) and winter solstice (Ziemassvētki), and is celebrated in the middle of November. Mārtiņi ended Veļu laiks (Time of the Dead) and started Ledus laiks (Time of Ice), when the […]

That Green Wall

This is how it will stay until spring… Have no time to continue and I’m not sure if I need to continue. Now that wall looks rustic cause there are few places where I couldn’t get the green paint of. Ant that wall already looks better in my opinion… Well, doesn’t meter! Christmas decoration will solve this 🙂 I’ve been […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 4

DONE! I made my kitchen! Thank you for being with me on this journey! Now.. I need to clean everything (whole house) to take a picture of my NEW & DIY kitchen! Wait! I need to sit down and think about it all… how did it happen!? Be patient it might take a while! Cause I’m planning to buy a […]

Green – Brown – Terrible

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do! My daily schedule is full already! But.. I can’t stand that green kitchen wall. It’s so old and odd looking….  It won’t fit in my new kitchen! Actually, it didn’t fit in old one ether but then I didn’t care! \ Now I’m burning daylight by scrubbing green paint off! And… under […]

Yesterday’s trouble…

Yesterday I felt down… I felt tired, empty, a bit angry but most of the time anxious! I called the seller and he wrote an email to the manufacturer! He hopes to get another tap holding screw… … but if you ask me, I would say, manufacturer, don’t physic and don’t do testing. It took me only two months to break […]

Frustrated… and Tired!

Finally! I’m frustrated! It’s been a while so… it’s interesting to feel something else than joy in your body… The reason for that is – kitchen tap! It just broke down!!!! I installed it few month ago.. and now it’s broken! Frustrated! Angry! And feeling down!     It feels like my DIY kitchen project is so old even kitchen tap […]

Just an apple!

I’ve been amazed by Mother Nature many times before. This one is something I needed so much! I walk outside to take the picture of snowman – shared yesterday! And saw this! That the only one apple in the tree (this year we had only a few apples, wasn’t a good ear for apples!) made me stop! Stop!I’ve stopped! And whispered “Amazing!”. […]


We had first snow on October 26.  That snow didn’t stay for long, only two days! When girls saw the snow in the morning (together with the deer family) they wanted to stay home and build a snowman! So, why not. We build two small snowmen and by that time it was raining, so we placed them on the old water well. […]