Happy New Year!

I have spent some time thinking about what my priorities will be for the year 2018… First of all, I want to summarise the year 2017!     Have you already taken some time to get your priorities in order? I’d love to hear from you all in the year 2018 too! Happy New Year! Ilze

Introducing: Cat Marley!

If you follow our family through my blog you might notice that about a month ago I start to think about cat adoption. You can find the blog post here. At the beginning, we wished for “she” and Janis wanted back and white… then… later on thinking about it again, we were ready to take care for “he” and gray, striped or […]

Beautiful Christmas Morning (Part 2)

Yesterday I’ve shared beautiful pictures of our Christmas morning.  I will share few more… I’m glad I postpone breakfast for everyone and run outside with the camera. I was a bit selfish but not all the guests and family were up… so… not feeling that guilty 🙂 So beautiful! Ilze

Yesterday’s PJ party

Girls stayed at grandparents house cause we had the date night (one in 4 years!). I slept only a few hours before girls came home from grandparents. I was tired and sleepy and tried to deal with dirty kitchen and dishes. Janis took two older girls out to have fun in the snow. After they came in, it got darker and […]

Date night!

I’m late on blogging today cause yesterday was the first time in four years I and Janis went out without our girls! Just two of us at a local youth party!     We met few friends and Janis brother there 🙂 It was like a “local” party with entrance fee and free food 🙂   Nothing fancy & special! […]

This year’s Christmas decorations

I shared an inspirational (it was for me!) blog post a few days ago with pictures of Christmas decorations from previous years. Now I want to share this year’s Christmas decorations. As you know I decorated two times this year! And I actually didn’t want to make a second “round”. I hope you are ready for the Christmas! Ilze