Fried potatoes – Latvian style

This is our comfort food! Childhood memories! Thursday – Friday nights at students dormitories kitchen. Why? Cause no money left for something else, good if you have oil and potatoes from home. So, this dish is the main cause, cause for others than Latvians it might look like a side dish :). So simple, that you might want to add ham […]

Sunday (mess from Sunday!)

Is it ok to talk about Sunday two days after it!?! As you know my mom was there and helped me scrub and clean all the darkest corners and places in the house. I was dealing with the “girls made mess” on Saturday, but well, I did it! I could take care of all the house, pick up everything and put […]


Mario & Nora visited us on Saturday after Nora had choir show in Smiltene. We had a lovely time chatting inside cause weather outside was rainy & windy! Sunday morning I started with coffee and made Tuna tortilla wraps. After that, there were chatting & chilling! I was too relaxed to look for my phone, so no “evidence pictures” of […]

Oh, what a surprise!

Yesterday we were in Smiltene & Valmiera. We went to the choir show to meet two friends – Mario and Nora. Mario is a friend of a youth day and Nora too! Nora was singing in the choir near to us so we can’t miss the opportunity to meet! After the show, we came to our place to celebrate and I was […]

Happy Name day… to me!

Since my mom was there we did all “preparation” for today! In Latvia, you don’t need to invite people to you name day – friends can visit you without invitations. But in real life – they would call to “greet” and you can suggest to “meet” ;). After all the cooking and house cleaning, mom and I were tired and […]

Water Bath Canning

Am I getting old or what? I’ve been thinking about water bath canning since autumn when my mom made all the tomatoes on pickled cucumbers for us at her home… and was tired as hell! I didn’t have a pot big enough… And I considered buying one, but then I realize that my stove top with two small electric burners […]

Ome Mārīte / Grandma Marite

Grandma is here so all the girls have a day off the kindergarten. As always we have a ton of chores to do and Marīte is 100 times quicker than me… She wanted to fold laundry, but before that girl is giving her SPA. Linna covered her arms with Weleda regenerating hand cream while Nelle styled her hair. Linna was […]

Another shaker card!

OK. Do you remember our first shaker card!? I was inspired by Lana and her shaker card “Hello”! Nelle came home from kindergarten last Thursday and announced that her teacher is leaving on Friday! “She will have a baby and we have to make her shaker card!!!”… I paused… “It’s only a few hours till the bedtime, Nelle! Maybe we can […]

Few days off

Janis changed his work and have a new contract since 10th of January. He decided not to dig in until this Monday. So, Janis had few days off – seven working days if be exact! He spends that time doing what he normally can’t. Usually, we shop our food here in Gulbene, but since Janis didn’t have to work we went […]


Receive a package from GrumpyTyke was a huge surprise as itself! Impatiently I cut and rip the package apart from the box… even bigger was my surprise seeing this: “Not to be opened until 27 JAN” OMG! Noooooo! I’m not good at this! Once I convince all my family to celebrate Christma Eve at 23rd of December! Yes, one day earlier! […]