Water Bath Canning

Am I getting old or what? I’ve been thinking about water bath canning since autumn when my mom made all the tomatoes on pickled cucumbers for us at her home… and was tired as hell! 240011576-3157064770-380428-750x750

I didn’t have a pot big enough… And I considered buying one, but then I realize that my stove top with two small electric burners isn’t big enough to put a big water bath canning pot!

I made my kitchen and changed the stove top from two small electric to five gas burners and I thought it’s time for water bath canning at my house this autumn.


After googling and looking for big enough pot for canning I discovered WECK electric canner and I guess I will go with that! My five burner stove top isn’t big enough. If I put a big pot in the middle, I can’t put anything else on other four burners.

So, WECK it is! Now I need to look for good offer cause already in love with those WECK jars!


18 thoughts on “Water Bath Canning

  1. I think few people here in the UK now ‘can’ (or ‘bottle’) things for winter though quite a few – mainly the older generation – still do preserve fruit, either in syrup or as jam. A few people probably make ‘pickled onions’, though you do not need a big pot for those, and chutneys.

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    1. yes… we are more active 🙂 I need big pot for cucumbers and tomatoes. Cause those you need to “cook” in jars in hot water! And you can get mad if only 3 jars fit in pot… and canning goes 20 minutes… and you want to make 30 jars for winter… well… it will take a week 😀


    1. Thank you! I guess I will start this autumn, cause there are opportunity to buy cheap, local, organic tomatoes and cucumbers! Also, I might grow something this year, since we won’t travel far this year 🙂

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