It is all about cards…

Card making took me over! Since not all girls are well and in kindergarten I don’t have much time for cardmaking, but I start in the early morning and then think about it all day long and when girls get into beds at night I run to my table (it’s good to have it downstairs!) and create what I’ve in mind! […]

Card Making: Lovely Bear

I’m back to cardmaking (a bit!) and these are first three I made downstairs! I like all of them but love the last one. All the bears are hand-stamped and hand-colored using girls coloring pencils – I don’t have grownups pencils! I started with this childish theme cause it has a good statement “A good day to be happy”! I […]

Yesterday: Library

Yesterday we were in the library. It’s something special to us. We don’t visit library very often. Actually, this was the second time in the library as a family. I thought a library is something boring and full of books that no one can read through! But as the previous time (few month ago) also this time we were surprised! It […]

Craft space: Up or Down…the stairs!

(I don’t know why, but for the first time I wanted to start my blog post by saying…) Good morning, everyone! I hope you don’t have -20C outside or at least if you do have way too low below zero – you are warm inside or outside enjoying it! I spend two days taking card making stuff from upstairs, down to […]

Yesterday’s walk

It feels right to live here in the countryside of Latvia! So, so right! I like to walk and observe all the beauty Mother Nature can give to us! A beautiful day was yesterday and the new one is coming today! I promised myself to walk a bit every day. Since it’s so beautiful feels like a reward for walking. Today it’s […]

DIY: 3D Tulip greeting card

While girls were ill at home, we made beautiful 3D tulip greeting cards using square paper plates and colored paper! You can find the directions & template here. Yes, that is my coffee in the middle of those paper scraps… and that is Marley watching birds! I run on coffee all those two weeks while girls were ill! And why […]

Happy 35th birthday to me!

This day is special. Special to me. Not because 35 is a big deal to me but because I realize, that self-love and confidence finally have arrived. I don’t know why it took so long!     Being me is the best thing ever! My blogging friend Jodi can tell you, that I’ve been through “few blogs” and “more concepts […]

First thing in the morning

Nope! It wasn’t “opening up the package I receive yesterday with restriction – do not open until 20th February”! It was 5-minute morning yoga stretch! Yes, I finally started to do something to get most out of my day. Last time I did something was Pregnancy yoga 6 years ago. It was gentle stretching with a good portion of breathing. Here I […]