Away from blogging

Sorry I got you worried! I’m OK and I’m away from blogging cause I got an opportunity to write a business plan and get some money to start it from the government. So, it’s should be a high-quality business plan to win the concourse. All my time goes there and I miss blogging but have no “interesting” things to share… […]

Jigsaw puzzle #2

I found the pictures of another puzzle I did over weekend! So, actually, we started with 500 piece puzzle on Friday┬ánight and continue with two big 1000 piece puzzles. Three puzzles in total ­čÖé Ilze

Jigsaw puzzle

All weekend I spent puzzling. I thought I had both puzzles captured before I put them back in boxes… but not. I have a lot to do so I tried not to think about it all weekend. Instead I put two 1000 pieces puzzles together… and for the first time in ages my weekend was so short. I’m afraid that […]

Jigsaw Puzzling

Yesterday Janis came back from Riga, work-related, and brought a big second-hand puzzle bunch which we bought on! So, no doubt we opened the big box and started with 500-peace one.     This morning we finished it. Girls like jigsaw puzzles and me too! Ilze

Getting busy

Busy….┬áI don’t like being busy, busy, busy… It means my priorities aren’t set! If you are busy to do something … that’s is weak goal setting! Maybe it sounds hush but it’s true! Believe me! If I’m too busy to write a blog post then the blog post isn’t that important. Something else come across! So it feels, that I’m […]


Let’s introduce┬áRonalds! He is Janis cousin…and that is the “furthest relation with us” he owns. He is also something┬ácloser, he is Helm─ź’s God Father!     Since Ronalds is living in Germany and having a busy working schedule he visited us once a year. It is not like we can’t call each other or do a video call, but to […]

Artisan Bread

I heard these two words together a lot! Have you!? Artisan bread…well?! Is it the look of the bread or the process how you make it or even the maker, that makes bread an artisan bread!? This one for sure is homemade! Artisan bread?! Not sure ­čÖé Ilze