Sunday Special

Finally, I’m in the RIGHT mood! MY mood! The mood I remember being in – the mood that has written “Ilze” all over it! On Sunday I took out one of my vintage Damask (and by Damask I mean Damask cotton) tablecloth and served soup in a terrine to mine family. Yes, that’s MY mood! The RIGHT mood I’ve been missing for few months (or even more!)… Finally, I’ve got it! I have it back!


Girls with rec currant Debesmannā


Desert: Debesmannā. Childhood memories! Translated literally is “heaven farina”. The usual English translation is much less poetic: mousse. Debesmannā is THE childhood dessert for most Latvians.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Special

    1. Nelle likes fancy stuff, like vintage tablecloth and plates (didn’t have kitchen tidy so didn’t bring vintage plates out – handwash only, had a lot beside that already :)).

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  1. Wonderful to see you like this. You’ve been under a lot of pressure for quite a time now. And it’s always a delight to see the girls. Take care – of you and yours. 😃☀️


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