Cold, Windy but Lovely!

Yesterday, I submitted my Business Plan and had a little party at home :). Actually, it was because of Ronalds (Helmī godfather) who came to us from Germany! Today we used Ronalds as a personal driver and went to Gulbene for a walk.. or so we thought! The weather was so cold and windy and terrible, that the only one who […]

Business Plan…What a day!

It was a crazy day! I finished my Bussiness plan – that is GOOD news! Nelle will have a doctor appointment tomorrow – she isn’t having temperature and feeling good! Jumping around, having fun in the sun – today we had 20C (that is hot for spring here in Latvia)! Now… I use my Canon Pixma printer almost every day. […]

Sunny Sunday Walk

It was sunny and summery weather here in Latvia today! +19C! Most of the summer days are +19C (OK, OK, just 1/4 of all summer days are +19C) here in Latvia. Since we experienced such a lovely weather I put away my computer and Bussines Plan and go for the walk! We didn’t walk much since we have three little […]

Marley in a window

There are a few things that happened in the life of our Marley. First, at the end it’s boy. We are living in the countryside and Marley can easily go out and have fun, but he never wants. Few times we took him out, while we are out and he hides under porch… So, one morning I sat down the breakfast […]

Good morning ants!

I woke up cause Linna was crying. She is grumpy all the time, we really enjoy those few moments when she is laughing or smiling. Coming with a happy face and saying that love us! This time she didn’t want to go to kindergarten cause Nelle stays alone at home… Somehow we manage to deal with that and she (and […]

Nelle….still ill!

Nelle is still ill: Yesterday was promising… until 6pm! After 6pm Nelle got the temperature high up in no time! From 37.2C to 39.8C (103.64 F) in just 40 minutes! We called family doctor and she suggested to take pills to get the temperature down and said: “.. if it won’t come down in 40 minutes  – call the ambulance!”. I was scared, […]

Perfect dress for me

Six years ago I was so unhappy! The reason was – I ordered the dress that looked so good in the internet shop. Read the review and it said, that I need to order one size bigger. I was UK 12 at the time and I ordered UK 14 but somehow it came UK16! It was too big! Offtopic: here in Latvia […]

I might be back…

So… It was long 16 days away from blogging! It feels like I need to write a long blog post about it… but wait… I was away only 16 days! Not much to write about, since my “staying home mom” was interrupted by Bussines Plan. My first and only Bussiness Plan ever! Followed by a lot of numbers and calculations. Today […]