Paw Patrol and Nelles birthday

My little Nelle will be 6 next Monday, but we will have an early celebration on this Saturday!


Only five days left till Nelles party and I have no “idea” how to make a Paw Patrol themed party for her without having Paw Patrol party supplies in the closest shops. So, I wasn’t planning to buy any Paw Patrol decoration, but I plan to work on that three weeks before the party… now it’s only 5 days and I’m here without anything else, but invitation (that I sent out only yesterday night!).


Don’t know how I end up like this, but I’ve been “working” on everyday stuff so much that I didn’t notice the party is so close.

I hope everything will be OK, cause there will be a lot of people coming. Nelle is very friendly and that is why there will be more than it was in Linna’s party.


P.S. Some say it’s not good to celebrate before the date. Do you know something about this myth?

15 thoughts on “Paw Patrol and Nelles birthday

  1. Never heard of such a myth, and myth it is! I’m sure your beautiful girl will have a super ‘early’ celebration. That’s a wonderful photo of her. So I will be thinking of her on Saturday and again on Monday – that’s nice.Of course everything will be OK – you don’t know how to do ‘not OK’ even if you have got to it late.

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    1. Thank you! You are informed about my “mess” today! I’m tired already! I hope i will manage sunbathing tomorrow (even 15 minutes) to charge my batteries 🙂

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  2. Don’t worry about early birthday celebrations. We do it all the time! The invitation looks fabulous, as I would expect from you! Everything will work out fine. I am sure Nelle will have a great day. By the way, I am writing this on the train from Frankfurt to Berlin.

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    1. Lovely! I was in Berlin last summer about the same time it was 32C and it was full of people! I hope to get to your blog posts! I saw you are writing and sharing your journey! That is GOOD and can’t wait to sit down and read properly!

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  3. I always do my best work under pressure as I’m sure you do to. Not to worry, the only one that will know you did not get everything done is you. Just hang in there and give it your best effort, I’m sure everything will be the best ever! Happy Birthday darling Nelle

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  4. Here in the US, we celebrate before, after or on birthdays, whenever one can celebrate…no worries, myths are just myths:) Love the invitation, beautiful photo of Nelle and so creative…and with all your marvelous creativity, I’m sure you’ll think of something wonderful for her party…many times, I think of my best stuff at the last minute🐶 🐾 Hope you share pictures with us👍

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