Pure Wool Socks

Today I had time to update my Etsy shop “FamilyBizzBuzz“. I added my mom’s hand knitted wool socks. She loves to knit and she has very low income, so my idea is to sell her handknitted socks and give all the money to her. She says that no one needs a hand knitted wool socks anymore! Let’s prove her wrong. […]

Jigsaw puzzle #5

I couldn’t sleep… till 2 AM! Then I finished another 1000 jigsaw puzzle and went straight into bed. Today feeling a bit sleepy 🙂 Work, work, work. Busy, busy, busy. Launched my Christmas offer. Have a nice Friday!!! Ilze

Jigsaw Puzzle #4

Finished. Unfinished.      This is what you get for buying used puzzles, but I don’t mind 🙂 It’s already stored back in the box. I puzzling and how the design is starting to show up but after finishing I “destroy” it and put back in a box without a problem. I know friends who can’t destroy puzzle after it’s […]

Day off…

Yesterday girls & I had a “day off”. For me, it means more cooking and cleaning, but for girls – more fun! Well, this time I somehow manage without “big” cooking and did all the chores in 20 minutes cause I had something on my mind! A JIGSAW PUZZLE! I wish I had Chrismas themed but this one with 1000 […]

First Snow!

This morning I woke up and immediately sat in my armchair. Opened up my laptop and checked if I don’t have something important to do. Girls woke up screaming: “Snow! Snow! Snow! It’s a snow on the car!”. What!? Really! Marley and I didn’t saw any snow from our favorite spot. This is how much snow we have now. Also, […]

Creamed Greens: Kale (Keto, Low Carb)

I can’t remember when was the last time I ate kale! I can’t get kale here in Gulbene! This bunch of Kale (actually 3 bunches) I got as a barter. Helped with photography work. There are two things I love to make: green smoothie or creamed greens. Since smoothies usually aren’t keto and I didn’t have other ingredients to make […]

Latvia celebrating 100!

Today my country celebrating 100 years! I’m proud to be Latvian! If you want to know our history, visit the blog post “18th November – Latvia’s Independence Day“. On a day like this, I couldn’t resist sharing few videos below 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/IfYouLikeLatviaLatviaLikesYou/videos/2800116486681030/   In the video, we see a lot of wonderful personalities – both more or less well-known and […]

Word Challenge: T

A while ago I challenged myself to name the words starting with a certain letter and then take a picture and share on the blog.  You can read about it here. I used Online random letter generator. I made only 2 articles… why!? Don’t know! Now it’s time to do another blog post on this! So, Online random letter generator generated letter T. Words starting with […]

Handwritten letter

I received a handwritten letter from my friend Dimi! I can’t remember the last time I had received a handwritten letter! Maybe in high school! I’m not talking about Christmas cards and Birthday wishes but about REAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER on multiple pages! While I Opened up my letter I remembered when was the last time I received the letter… and […]