I wish I had…

I wish I had more time to write! But I can’t complain, cause I had MORE time to make, to be, to build, to do, to capture and to LIVE. It’s so hard to let go of this lovely habit to write a blog and all the community, but I need a miracle to make this blog “a day in […]

Christmas and A Good Job

This year I wondered about what is going on in senior homes and care centers. How those old people (and not only old but also 50-year-olds that can’t move) are celebrating? Do they have families? Do they come over!? I decide to make them believe in magic and bring presents for Christmas. There are 33 people in that “one particular, […]

Almost Christmas!

And once again it’s been a while since I wrote something in my blog! Have no excuse… if only I’ve been busy with a lot of Christmas photoshoots at my studio, listening to online photography courses, dealing with viruses and household. Everything is nice! I’m having few days off… spending under a blanket and with the teacup in my hand… […]

Word Challenge: J

A while ago I challenged myself to name the words starting with a certain letter and then take or find a picture and share on the blog.  You can read about it here. To choose a letter I used Online random letter generator. This time it was letter J. Well, this is what I got after thinking about it for a few days! […]

I love jigsaw puzzles!

As you know I’ve been jigsawing lately. I run out of puzzles so I bought a new one! I wish there a puzzle renting place 🙂 This is the latest puzzle I did. As usually, after finishing a puzzle I took a picture and then put back in a box. I didn’t check if the picture was good enough before […]

Living in the studio!

It seems that I’ve been living in the studio lately… Well, I love it! I don’t mind spending time in my own special world. It’s amazing how my days have changed ever since I open up the studio. I loved to blog and share “a day in the life of Latvian mom” but now I bearly have an idea or […]