I love jigsaw puzzles!

As you know I’ve been jigsawing lately. I run out of puzzles so I bought a new one! I wish there a puzzle renting place 🙂

This is the latest puzzle I did.


As usually, after finishing a puzzle I took a picture and then put back in a box. I didn’t check if the picture was good enough before I destroyed the puzzle.. so excuse the blur (it was 1AM I finished it)!


5 thoughts on “I love jigsaw puzzles!

  1. I think we all (your followers) guessed you were a great ‘puzzler’, at least an enthusiastic one. ‘Rent a puzzle’ is such a good idea – why not start one 😉 ; perhaps there are not enough puzzlers in Gulbene. I think not enough here, it seems to be confined to the elderly and the very young. But who knows.

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  2. For me working on a jigsaw puzzle is like reading a good book when I near the end. When I get close to completing the puzzle, I cannot go to sleep just like I must finish the book to find out the ending. I must finish; whether book or puzzle, I must finish it. I understand you staying up till 1am to work on this puzzle. It’s beautiful! Quite a lovely Christmas scene. Thanks for sharing.

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