Happy Valentines Day

I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, it’s relatively new in our country… From now on this day will be special cause Nelles Godmothers wedding is today! Congratulations Vī! If you don’t mind can you tell me what you do on Valentines Day and what it means to you!? Ilze P.S. I spent my day in the studio and had a wonderful […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #8 Monte Rosa Dreaming

I forgot to share another 500 piece jigsaw puzzle! Since my friend DžīDžī is puzzling too we decide to swap puzzles.   This one is Monte Rosa Dreaming. I couldn’t resist saying something about this jigsaw puzzle: funny, how they used photoshop to make this place look better, but in the end, it looks terrible… All those small details they […]

Adventure: 2000 puzzle

Thank you, Julie, for sending me a jigsaw puzzle!. A 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I think this is my first 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle! I’ve started it today but I know it will take a lot of time to finish! First of all, because I have a few photoshoots scheduled and one event, second – there are still ill family members, […]

What is another word for BUSY!?

So, what is another word for BUSY!? I had a dream and another woman had it too… and now we have a project to make this dream come true, together! Today I worked on the first part of this project and what can I say it’s so good to do what you love and do it together with people that […]

Unexpected visitors

The Latvian saying is, that the best visitors are those who came unexpected! Sometimes I don’t agree with this… but today we all screamed when saw Jānis friend Aivars, his puppy Belis and Helmī God Father Ronalds walk through the doors!   Happy girls and happy little puppy! Ilze

Herbal Tea

I love to pick my own herbal tea and by that, I mean from fields and gardens. Every year I promise myself to collect even more (in amount and also in variety). I have several herbal tea books that are a good guide if there is an illness in our house. Like now! My herbal tea collection will end soon […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #7 Colorful Spices

“Colorful Spices” is the smallest puzzle I did this year, only 300 peace. It was fun to do together with my friend DžīDžī!  This is one from the “Home Gallery” collection.  Photographer Natalia Klenova and you can find her wonderful still life photography on 500px.com. As I said the puzzle is small in size about 16×48 centimeters. Finished Jigsaw Puzzles […]

All together… and Skeleton!

Today all the girls staying at home cause Linna still is ill and they decided to cheer her up!   What is the best way to cheer her up than build a human skeleton together… I know it looks like Halloween but they asked :). Found this at cookingpoetry.com Linna is better! Ilze