Easter 2019

Yesterday I sat down with my girls and asked to make a menu for the Easter celebration. Well, I thought we will have a discussion and they will argue over ice cream or candy, but no, after 5 minutes we had THE menu for the Easter 2019. That will be something new we will do every Easter. Also, helping in […]

Linnas 5th Birthday Party

—NO INSPIRATION HERE— As I promised to myself – a blog post about Linnas 5th birthday party! It wasn’t fancy, all the girls were ill and we had to change the date. That is something I never did before. We celebrated on the 31st of March and it was a mess and I was tired, annoyed and frustrated! My relatives […]

New page

It’s always hard for me to “break the ice” and start to write. I want to. I promise myself to share Linnas birthday, cause I didn’t share here 4th one… Didn’t happened! Well, a lot was happening… A lot! Loses, illnesses, financial problems, etc. Just name it! I’m glad everyone in my family is fine and it’s time to turn […]