Easter 2019

Yesterday I sat down with my girls and asked to make a menu for the Easter celebration. Well, I thought we will have a discussion and they will argue over ice cream or candy, but no, after 5 minutes we had THE menu for the Easter 2019.

We colored eggs using coltsfoot tea and bilberries! No onion skins this year 🙂

That will be something new we will do every Easter. Also, helping in the kitchen. This time we skipped shopping together – we bearly do that. Janis is going to the shops and buy what we need when drives girls to the kindergarten or way home. So maybe next year we will do that too 🙂

Had some easter crats… and as you know I have a photo studio. Well, my one and only iron is in the studio, so excuse the table cloth wrinkles… maybe it’s just me, but I like perfectly iron table clothes 😉

So, are you interested in our menu?

Here it is:


Cheese toast (I don’t know how to call it, is it classic or not, but it’s a slice of toast covered with grated cheese mixed with raw eggs and then oven baked until golden brown).

Fresh carrot juice (Nelles idea, cause bunnies loves carrots)

Dessert – whatever Easter Bunny will bring.

Well, if you ask me, the bunny brought too much! Happy girls 🙂


Mashed potatoes with sausages and pickles. (Yes, that easy! Ask girls, and they will simplify my life)

Fresh carrot juice

Ice cream


Popcorn – well, didn’t make it maybe late night 🙂


Crab stick salad. It’s iceberg salad with crab sticks, cucumber, bell pepper, and canned corn. Girls don’t like the salad, but I do, and they said, that we need to have the salad, cause it’s also a holiday for mom too! Awww, thank you, girls.

Rabbit cookies


So, a plan is a plan… but at 3am I woke cold sweated and with an upset stomach and had terrible 8 hrs ahead! Hate that bug!

Don’t worry I feel better now and we manage to make everything except popcorn cause no one was hungry.

Happy Easter to you all!!!


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