Eggs and rhubarb

Since we moved to the countryside we haven’t bought eggs in a supermarket. We only eat eggs when we can get from happy chickens. Why!? The taste and nutrition!

We are buying eggs from Janis uncle! He has 15 chickens and that is enough for us 🙂 We are happy to see chickens running around freely and sometimes we bring some treat for them. For us it’s a good feeling – we help 80-year-old uncle with some income and he has something to take care of.

It’s rhubarb time! We buy eggs and rhubarb comes as a bonus :).


Helmī is holding a huge pail of rhubarb! We got home and brought rhubarb inside. While I went for the eggs and other shopping from the car rhubarb has intruders.


These rhubarbs are huge indeed!



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