Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Been spending time with my family. Since Latvia is in lock down – we couldn’t meet my mom and brothers family this year. But we had nice Christmas Eve and beautiful white Christmas day.

Christmas Eve, we started with an outdoor picnic together with Jānis family and huge campfire filled with potatoes, carrots and beets. It’s a thing we do in Latvia. Put the potatoes under the fire so that they bake in the hot coal. Have you ever tasted such baked potatoes? Delicious!

The campfire without sausages? No way! Dads made sticks, kids burnt sausages 🙂 Taste better when outside, right?

And the best part for kids – to climb and to get. This tradition is old in Jānis family. They climb the Christmas tree for presents. So this year my girls did that. At first, I was worried. But it’s impossible to fall down, brunches are close together and it’s impossible to get through. About 6 meter high – Nelle and Linna did that! Proud.

Countryside makes them strong and healthy!

Happy Holidays,


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      Well, as you see I found you at your new address. Not so difficult though I cannot see how to give a ‘like’.
      Baking potatoes in the fire, just as you describe, is traditional on 5th November (plot night) but few people do it now. They taste much better and we always had them this way when I was a child.
      I’m glad to see Latvian children are allowed to climb trees. Few are in this overprotected UK. It was one of our favourite activities, but not at Christmas – just most times we were near a climbable tree. Well done Nelle and Linna!
      Super photos, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

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