About mom

About mom

A little bit about me…

My name is Ilze. I like blogging: sharing my recipes, thoughts, photos of Latvian birds and nature. I’ve been blogging since 2006. My first English blog was (and still is?) ilznelle.wordpress.com. The reason why I started that blog was to overcome my phobia of not knowing the English language. Now I understand it doesn’t matter that much. I’m amateur.


Being newbie mom means being an amateur of everything! The only thing I’m not amateur is Computer Science. I have a 2nd level professional degree of Programmer, Bachelor degree of Computer Science and Master degree in Management of Computer Science… But who cares about education if you have to change diapers, be ready day and night as a mom!

Yes, I worked before I become a mom. I have been Test engineer, Scrum master, Internal Auditor, Lead and Head of a Testing department. But now I’m not working… I’m a mom (to 3 beautiful girls) & a housewife… As you know they don’t work. Just simply doing nothing all day long.


At the beginning of my newbie mom journey, I heard that a lot… from family members, from random citizens, other bloggers, woman heaters, etc…
It seems that they know you, your household and your baby better than you, they have the one and only right solution, they know how to raise your child and already know that your child is spoiled… And defiantly have time for everything important, like, dishes, laundry, dinner, house cleaning, window polishing and perfect style & look… in social media! But how about real life!?


I really do love spending time walking outside or weed out my super small garden (in summer). Be crafty, watching birds and taking pictures. Cook and eat! And playing together with my kids!!!!

–  8/2017 Woodworking is something I’m interested in right now. It goes together with my desire to finish/repair/renovate the house we are living in right now. My first project was girls bed. You need a lot of different tools to make something… or is it just me!? But that didn’t stop me from making my own kitchen! The last post about that: DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 4


– 24/8/2018 I opened up a photo studio milze.lv and I’m not that active in blogging ever since. Now I’m spending the time to improve my photography skills. Love it! The photo studio – my own creative space. Who knew, that dreams can come true!

I enjoy being ME and having a mess in my studio after a photo shoot!


I hope this blog will inspire other newbies and the blog will grow (old) with me!

Thank you for reading,