This year’s birds feeder

I can’t find the post about the previous bird feeder we had but it’s time to share the “new on”. I guess there won’t be such thing as “NEW” feeder in this household cause reduce, reuse, recycle… is something I like.   So, this year we have a lantern that was crashed buy wind in the middle of the summer […]

Spruce cone in electricity pole

Remember that spruce cone in the top part of the electricity pole I write a few days ago!? I watched that pole ever since! And guess what I have the answer! I know who put that cone there and WHY!! Glad I watched that pole ever since… It was none other than… Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)!!! Beautiful! Isn’t he? Do […]

Cones, Spruce cone

Saw something in the top part of the electricity pole… near our house. Just lead by curiosity I went out and took my camera with me. What can it be? Finally, the closest spruce is having wonderful cones this year. I don’t know if it’s planted there, but it’s not very high 2,5 meters.. or maybe all 3! There are […]

Randu pļavas

Yesterday we were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. We left our three girls to my mom for an hour and a half and had a walk in the Nature reserve Randu pļava. The Randu pļava is a nature reserve covering the area of Vidzeme seaside from Ainazi till Kuivizi. The 200 ha area is home to approximately 600 Latvian plant species including 37 species that […]

Summer time / Hay time

Finally, the sun is here and all the small (and also the big ones too) farmers around us make hay. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and also smell of freshly collected hay. I saw that our neighbor made the hay and I had time to take a walk with my camera. Usually, after the grass is cut […]

Who’s working and who’s having day off

Last two days are busy for me. My two bigger girls are having a day off from kindergarten. For them, it’s sleep til 9:30 am and having fun all day without napping! And going to bed at 11:30 pm.  For me, it’s a had time especially when it comes when I’m not prepared! And by prepared I meant everything else […]