A Long long day after a long long break!

Amazing! I had a long day in the studio today with a client! Loved it! When I arrived realise my studio is dusty and messy! Yesterday I was with my apprentice in the studio and prepared for her exam. We left without cleaning. I was so worn out and didn’t want to do anything, but sleep. Also, I forgot about […]

Bussy day & rainy evening

This was my first day in the STUDIO! It’s been a while. I’m starting to work on my foto projects and it will be hard and slow comeback! A lot of us will start from the beginning. Including me. I have photo studio for almost two years and pandemic affected it and will affect. But not about that… This photoshoot […]

What is another word for BUSY!?

So, what is another word for BUSY!? I had a dream and another woman had it too… and now we have a project to make this dream come true, together! Today I worked on the first part of this project and what can I say it’s so good to do what you love and do it together with people that […]

Poor Little Linna!

My poor little Linna is ill! Yesterday I came back from a photoshoot and saw Linna and knew she is ill! She was 39.6°C yesterday late at night! It’s high! Very high! I know that others give medicine to get the temperature down, but I don’t. I believe that the high temperature is better than medicine. An immune system is […]

The Christmas Tree

Finally I’m in the studio and ready to take down studio Christmas tree! My first Christmas photoshoot was in November, 3rd 2018 and last one few days ago. What can I say.. I need to take down “Christmas”! A bit too much 🙂 How about you!? Do you like Christmas time and when is the time – you are ready […]

Photo Shoot on Location #1 Review

As I wrote, I had a photo shoot that stressed me at first, cause I had to shoot on location with and without studio light! And the best part I had to shoot big group photo… What is a big group photo – 130 people! That is huge for me, I can’t pose them, I can’t put them in lines […]

Day 1

Yesterday I took time to lit candles and sit for a while without any device or other distraction – to think about the year 2018 and what new excitement year 2019 will bring to me and to my family. The first big “thought” was – OMG my girl will start school this autumn! Can you believe that – Nelle is […]

I wish I had…

I wish I had more time to write! But I can’t complain, cause I had MORE time to make, to be, to build, to do, to capture and to LIVE. It’s so hard to let go of this lovely habit to write a blog and all the community, but I need a miracle to make this blog “a day in […]