Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Been spending time with my family. Since Latvia is in lock down – we couldn’t meet my mom and brothers family this year. But we had nice Christmas Eve and beautiful white Christmas day. Christmas Eve, we started with an outdoor picnic together with Jānis family and huge campfire filled with potatoes, carrots and beets. It’s a thing […]

Saturday fun!

Is Saturday for work or for fun!? We had fun before work. Finally, after I don’t know how many months… I think almost 2 years we visited our neighbour and actually Nelles classmate! They hadn’t seen each other since March 16! We celebrated the end of the school year and since we didn’t go to schools Lāsma took Nelles school […]

Fully packed Friday

Can’t believe my Friday was so intense! I manage to deal with a lot of house chores and also spend time with girls while Janis was helping to build a playground for Helmī kindergarten group. This isn’t the first time he is helping and I’m proud of having such a nice hearted man in my life! So… about my Friday! […]

Nelles Birthday

Yesterday was a lovely day with my biggest girl Nelle, who turned 8! EIGHT! Can’t believe! The day started as planned – with a crown for Nelle and balloons in closet! After that, I and Linna did a photoshoot for the family :). That means Linna took picture of us, and then  I took of Linna and others but the […]

Nelle is turning 8!

We all know what is Covid19 and also we all know what to do #stayhome! We had an interesting talk with all three girls this January (2020) about what they want for birthdays. We never gave a big present if we made a party. So we talked and we voted, that this year none of the girls will have a […]

May 4, Restoration of Independence Day

We had a very cold night -6C, all the plum trees and cherries already were in blossom! No good! Today is our restoration of Independence Day (from the Soviet Union). We went outside to see if the plums and cherries are ok, but I doubt, cause all the petals were falling… Made a photoshoot with two of my girls in […]

Linnas 5th Birthday Party

—NO INSPIRATION HERE— As I promised to myself – a blog post about Linnas 5th birthday party! It wasn’t fancy, all the girls were ill and we had to change the date. That is something I never did before. We celebrated on the 31st of March and it was a mess and I was tired, annoyed and frustrated! My relatives […]