Happy Mail day #5

Decide to number my happy mail days… reason!? Can’t name the reason… Anyway! Happy! Another metal die for cardmaking is here and I promise myself to use it whenever have time to make a card! This variety of different sized rectangles with a stitched edge was my dream ever since started the card making.It’s mine and it’s here! Good! After […]

55 identical Christmas greeting cards

I’m grateful to Aija, who believed in me and gave me an opportunity to fall in love with cardmaking once again! Thank you, Aija for such a beautiful time spent in my craft corner. Last time I made cards was a year ago and it seemed impossible to get back to cardmaking after… DIY wooden kitchen project…. It felt like I […]

Santa’s beard calendar

So, the Advent is here and my girls started to count down till Christmas. We started at 1st of December. Everything went as planned until Helmī got ill and stayed home and decide to destroy Nelle’s and Linna’s calendars… But I will print new ones, cause girls really love to cut the stripe off every evening! And I’m happy to […]

How to make a salt dough?

1st of December… let’s begin preparing for Christmas. I know a lot of you are ready for Christmas already (I mean decorations and advent wreath) but here in Latvia… we are running into a forest for natural material for wreath right before Advent Sunday. Otherwise, it will fall apart. A few days ago the weather was so unpleasant that we […]

Happy Mail Day #3

Yes, Yes, Yes! It feels like I’m back to cardmaking! I began to order die cuts and embossing folders, get creative and spend time in my craft corner! Usually, I have to wait from 3 weeks to 2 months for the package to travel to Latvia.  The best part is to receive it finally and to open them! Cause sometimes I forget […]

Auseklītis / Early Morning Star

  I was surprised to find this die cut on the internet. For me, it is something so Latvian. It is not just a random pattern – it is Latvian symbol – Auseklītis! Auseklis (The Morning Star) Auseklis is the Morning Star (Venus). The symbol is one of many ancient cosmological and magical symbols used in Eastern European folk art and […]

Printable Santa’s Beard Countdown Calendar

This year I made Santa’s beard countdown calendar. A bit different Advent calendar – no presents, no treats – just countdown. I can’t decide whether girls would love to see the date of the day (like a calendar) or answer to the question: how much days till Christmas!? There are Advent Sundays when we lit the candle and those days are […]

Card Making

Handmade Christmas cards aren’t cheap but they are unique and made by a person, not a machine. I started to make cards when I was pregnant with my first girl in the year 2012. I’ve been through a lot of phases since then: had time, didn’t want to see cardmaking stuff, had time and loved making cards, had time but […]

That Green Wall

This is how it will stay until spring… Have no time to continue and I’m not sure if I need to continue. Now that wall looks rustic cause there are few places where I couldn’t get the green paint of. Ant that wall already looks better in my opinion… Well, doesn’t meter! Christmas decoration will solve this 🙂 I’ve been […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 4

DONE! I made my kitchen! Thank you for being with me on this journey! Now.. I need to clean everything (whole house) to take a picture of my NEW & DIY kitchen! Wait! I need to sit down and think about it all… how did it happen!? Be patient it might take a while! Cause I’m planning to buy a […]