Finally we are in my home town. Its been a wile. We are happy to meet my family and great new baby boy in my brothers family. Now girls have three cousins – boys! As usully we spent time at the seaside. Sea? Its actually the Gulf of Riga… But I call it “sea” all … More Salacgriva

Eggs and rhubarb

Since we moved to the countryside we haven’t bought eggs in a supermarket. We only eat eggs when we can get from happy chickens. Why!? The taste and nutrition! We are buying eggs from Janis uncle! He has 15 chickens and that is enough for us šŸ™‚ We are happy to see chickens running around … More Eggs and rhubarb

Fully packed Friday

Can’t believe my Friday was so intense! I manage to deal with a lot of house chores and also spend time with girls while Janis was helping to build a playground for HelmÄ« kindergarten group. This isn’t the first time he is helping and I’m proud of having such a nice hearted man in my … More Fully packed Friday

Unexpected visitors

The Latvian saying is, that the best visitors are those who came unexpected! Sometimes I don’t agree with this… but today we all screamed when saw Jānis friend Aivars, his puppy Belis and HelmÄ« God Father Ronalds walk through the doors!   Happy girls and happy little puppy! Ilze

All together… and Skeleton!

Today all the girls staying at home cause Linna still is ill and they decided to cheer her up!   What is the best way to cheer her up than build a human skeleton together… I know it looks like Halloween but they asked :). Found this atĀ Linna is better! Ilze

Best things about living in the countryside

Well, 4 and a half years ago, in the summer, we moved from capitalcity Riga to countryside 200 kilometers away. Sometimes it seems, that we changed “everything good and fun” to “there is no pubs, cinemas, theatres, cafes or restaurants…boring!”. But no, I LOVE living in the countryside! WHY? Local organic fresh food, garden and … More Best things about living in the countryside

Date night

I forgot to share this memory. This is the second year we are attending Ozolkalns Christmas Party. This isn’t posh establishment but it’s organized by local young people (also our friends). So this year I offered myself as a photographer, but after I got ill, I canceled that… Still, I got my camera with me … More Date night