Without a destination

Now we are free. Free to go whenever we like. We left family friends and the beautiful/magical garden and drove to the closest shop to buy some food and water. We wanted to visit the city and see the castle up the hill. The frequent need of toilet spoiled all the so called plan. We drove only 6 km. Don’t […]

Nelle turns 5!

Nelle turned 5! She had her birthday in one of the Berlin’s park. The day started early and Nelle got here birthday crown from Godmother and called herself a princess. We woke up early – had breakfast and went to the park to be sure we had the BEST spot in the whole park. And we did. We sat under […]

Few days without driving

Our first destination was family friends that live near Coburg. Last time we saw them was 6 years ago. There is only one change since that and that is – I’m a mom. That’s a big change! I remember how I and Janis were daydreaming in the garden back then… We drove more than 1600 km in three days and […]

Getting worse!?

Oh it looks like it is getting worse! We started our journey today. And that’s good! But there is “BUT”. Janis is getting ill. He is having angina and he looks tired. Can’t swallow, can’t speak… His body temperature is getting higher and higher. And… he is the only driver! We are in Lithuania and hope to continue our journey! […]

New staff

 Today I had two knew employees in my kitchen…. or should I say outside the kitchen! Girls saw me washing dishes outside and took the job over. I don’t know if they will show up tomorrow but today they got upset when I told that all the dirty dishes are clean. Happy Latvian mom, Ilze Edit ​ ​ ​ ​ […]

How to Pack for a Picnic in 5 Minutes

A spontaneous picnic is the one I’m talking about. Can you pack for such picnic in 5 minutes? All you need is quick, free from cooking, cutting and mixing lunch box ideas! Grab and go! Usually, we have our picnic in the nearest forest (only 10 km away from home & people) that belongs to Latvian State Forests. They restore forests and sometimes […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all! We are having fun making greeting cards. I love “Fingerprint activities” book by USBORNE. So many ideas how to paint using your fingertips. And girls love it too. Ilze

Getting ready: cleaning treiler / caravan

This is THAT day! Finally, we can’t wait any longer and decide to bring our caravan home to clean it up and start to install solar panels on the roof and move in. Here is the video how it looks inside and my feelings…. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpwYHJiBWqg&w=1280&h=720] It was easy to clean… it wasn’t dirty and it’s about ~8 square meters!!! […]

March: Birthday month

I can’t believe it’s already 20th of March! This weekend we celebrated: 3rd birthday of our girl  Linna 31st birthday of my husband Janis 55th birthday of Janis father 25th birthday of Janis brother and more… (uncles and cousins, aunts and godmothers) !! We had one big party for all the Birthdays! As usually within Janis family there isn’t such […]

Birthday Girl: 34

I’m 34 now (almost, at 8:30pm)! Well… I’m surprised! I can’t remember the birthday with mud and rain! It’s usually something between “Snow forever!” or “Wow, It’s getting pretty cold!”. I remember how half of my birthday guests didn’t arrive because of cold. It was -27C  for a week and I turned 25 in that freezing winter. In that day when mom […]