Jigsaw Puzzle #8 Monte Rosa Dreaming

I forgot to share another 500 piece jigsaw puzzle! Since my friend DžīDžī is puzzling too we decide to swap puzzles.   This one is Monte Rosa Dreaming. I couldn’t resist saying something about this jigsaw puzzle: funny, how they used photoshop to make this place look better, but in the end, it looks terrible… All those small details they […]

Adventure: 2000 puzzle

Thank you, Julie, for sending me a jigsaw puzzle!. A 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I think this is my first 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle! I’ve started it today but I know it will take a lot of time to finish! First of all, because I have a few photoshoots scheduled and one event, second – there are still ill family members, […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #7 Colorful Spices

“Colorful Spices” is the smallest puzzle I did this year, only 300 peace. It was fun to do together with my friend DžīDžī!  This is one from the “Home Gallery” collection.  Photographer Natalia Klenova and you can find her wonderful still life photography on 500px.com. As I said the puzzle is small in size about 16×48 centimeters. Finished Jigsaw Puzzles […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #6 Traveling to Italy

“Traveling to Italy” is the first Panorama styled jigsaw puzzle I ever had. And also the first one, that is in segments! This puzzle was super easy and I finished it in no time! I bet it was because of segments. I was in Italy almost 15 years ago! While puzzling I tried to remember all the buildings on the […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #5 Lake Como, Italy

Oh, how I love mornings when you don’t have to rush anywhere!!! Make a coffee and do your favorite thing – jigsaw puzzling or should I say – solving 🙂 Finally, here in Latvia mornings are sunny! We enjoy it! I love sitting next to the window and let the sun do his job: give energy and kills winter blues […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #3 House of dreams

Remember, I bought myself a puzzle as a gift on my second year blogging in “a day in a life of a Latvian mom”. After the experience of Jigsaw Puzzle #2, this was EASY! What can I tell about this puzzle… It’s called “House of dreams”. I would love to wall inside this house or have a cup of coffee […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #2 Michelstadt

The place is Michelstadt in Germany (Michelstadt in the Odenwald is a town in the Odenwaldkreis in southern Hesse, Germany between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. It has a population of around 16,000.). Photographed by Photographer R Kirsch. I had to Google to find more about this picture-puzzle. Well, that is Michelstadt Main square with Rathus (dated back to 1484) in the […]

Jigsaw Puzzle #1 Estonia 100

This year’s first Puzzle is from my Best Friend DžīDžī. She wanted to gift me “calm scene” but gave me HARD one 🙂 or at least I thought so until I received the puzzle from Dimi 🙂 This puzzle is “Estonia 100” and represents Blue cornflower, that is Estonian national flower since 1968. For Estonians, the flower symbolizes their daily […]