Old Chestnut tree and its manor!

It all started five years ago when we were living in Ozolkalns (small village near Gulbene, Latvia) for a year. We couldn’t decide to stay here or buy our property somewhere else. We even thought about moving to Germany, that sounded real with two small kids :). But we are Latvians and wanted to stay in our country even sometimes […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 4

DONE! I made my kitchen! Thank you for being with me on this journey! Now.. I need to clean everything (whole house) to take a picture of my NEW & DIY kitchen! Wait! I need to sit down and think about it all… how did it happen!? Be patient it might take a while! Cause I’m planning to buy a […]

Green – Brown – Terrible

It’s not like I don’t have anything to do! My daily schedule is full already! But.. I can’t stand that green kitchen wall. It’s so old and odd looking….  It won’t fit in my new kitchen! Actually, it didn’t fit in old one ether but then I didn’t care! \ Now I’m burning daylight by scrubbing green paint off! And… under […]

Frustrated… and Tired!

Finally! I’m frustrated! It’s been a while so… it’s interesting to feel something else than joy in your body… The reason for that is – kitchen tap! It just broke down!!!! I installed it few month ago.. and now it’s broken! Frustrated! Angry! And feeling down!     It feels like my DIY kitchen project is so old even kitchen tap […]

DIY: Oven & Hob section / Part 3

Forgot to share my progress on DIY Kitchen unit project. So here it is! Will you believe me if I’d say that I’m tired of a messy unfinished kitchen! But there’s nothing to blame but me :). And that’s hard… It’s easier to blame husband or worker than “GO&DO” by yourself! Isn’t it?! 🙂 SO, I will do it by […]

Vintage Candle Chandelier

If you follow me you might recall that I bought an old/vintage candle chandelier! We hung it in the kitchen/dining! Hurray! We already had dinner in the candlelight! It is as I wanted! Realy! Beautiful, romantic, rustic, useful and heartwarming! It’s pity I can’t find the right angle for the picture to show all the beauty of this candle chandelier! […]

Candle Chandelier

I was screaming loudly and running like crazy when I saw this candle chandelier in one of my favorite shop of used/vintage things from Germany! Yes, from Germany! I don’t know why actually I have an idea, but a lot of used and vintage shops getting their stuff from Germany! I love buying pre-loved stuff, like old armchairs and vintage […]

DIY: Sink & Dishwasher section

Sink and dishwasher section. What can I say…. It’s something that still isn’t finished and won’t be until I didn’t make next section and decide where I’ll store pots and pans and strainers. Where I’ll put dishes and how to hide gas cylinder for the cooktop. That’s ok. Baby steps! The mornings are so cold here in Latvia and I’m […]

Porch: Bird and the Mice family

I wanted to clean the porch but it ended as a rescue mission for animals. First, I have to admit, that I wanted to through away few things like old pillows, sweaters and recliner chair month ago … or even more!? Long story short. Waste collector comes only once a month, so I stored all the unwanted things on the […]

DIY: From Crib to Bed

All my 3 girls are sleeping in beds now. It started with the caravaning. All the girls slept in one twin bed for whole travel. There wasn’t any problem. I used pool noodles to divide space. And now when we are back home we don’t need crib anymore. So, I’m free to experiment! I would love to try to build […]