Water Bath Canning

Am I getting old or what? I’ve been thinking about water bath canning since autumn when my mom made all the tomatoes on pickled cucumbers for us at her home… and was tired as hell! I didn’t have a pot big enough… And I considered buying one, but then I realize that my stove top with two small electric burners […]

Cast Iron Pans from Ukraine

New kitchen needs new pans! No, it’s not the main reason. We needed new pans cause we are more than we were 5 years ago when I bought my first Cast Iron pans! I bought them on eBay.de and don’t know the manufacturer. That was a Frying Pan Set of 3 Iron Skillet in sizes: 15 cm, 20 cm and 25cm […]

Popcorn & Popcorn maker

Popcorn… Last time I ate popcorn was 7 years ago in a cinema! I can’t recall the movie, but the popcorn was good. I like salty popcorn but it somehow isn’t the treat we choose to buy or make! We can live without popcorn easily. Now with the kids, I’m looking for sugar-free treats that girls would love. Like carrots, […]

Mixing bowl

Finally! I can proudly say – I have big enough mixing bowl. Big enough for our family! This is Mason Cash bowl I’ve been wanted for ages…  2 or 3 years :). First I saw red mixing bowl by Mason Cash with heart and I fell in love… so deeply and madly that I turn all the UK sellers upside […]

Reusable cup

Finally, I bought the reusable coffee cup/mug or whatever it’s in English!! I had stainless steel bottles for water. Fill up and never buy bottled water again. I thought we don’t need a reusable cup for coffee cause we are drinking our coffee at home and don’t take the coffee with us. BUT! I don’t know how it happened but past […]

Happy Mail Day #2: Tagine / Tajine

Tagine is here! I’m so happy to receive this! I couldn’t wait to have it. My first “maybe I need it” was 3 years ago.  Then I couldn’t decide how big I want and what style. We have a lovely store in Riga – Muhamors and you can take a look at all the beautiful tagines they have here. It is pity […]