Banana and Honey Muffins

If you follow my blog on daily bases you know I didn’t like Banana bread or banana “something” until I’ve tried banana muffins! The result was so Yummy that I decide to repeat that recipe and take it to the next level – for me, it’s a bit healthier version :). I loved the aftertaste of honey! Realy!   I can’t […]

Banana muffins

Never had banana bread or cake.. or muffins before! Everyone is jumping high and sharing success with banana bread and I was like “No way!”. I don’t like baked bananas… There is a recipe for baked bananas and add ice cream on top. Crazy! Not for me! My favorite pancake recipe includes mashed banana… there it fits perfectly… but I […]

Gingerbread Men Cookies (recipe)

Happy 3rd Advent to you all!! I believe this is the perfect recipe for gingerbread men cookies! It’s super easy to make and tastes better than store-bought, no doubt! So don’t just sit there… go and try this recipe! Latvian Gingerbread cookies should be very thin, that means your dough should be perfect to roll it out. If you add […]

Spice mix for gingerbread cookies

Advent here in Latvia is nothing without gingerbread cookies… so crisp and melting in your mouth. Also, good Latvian gingerbread cookies are nothing without perfect spice mix! I have this spice mix recipe from ma grandmother and been sharing it before (at my old blog that is no longer exist) but I can’t resist to share it one more time! Make gingerbread […]

 Blueberry & Lemon muffins

Blueberries! I love them! We are eating them every day since the first ones showed up. Most popular recipes in our house right now are: Blueberry dessert with quark cream; Wide Blueberry & Spinach Smoothie We are eating blueberries fresh to get most of them but this time it’s time for tea and muffins! Girls made the crumble and helped […]