Delicious Honey Cake

After googling I should call this cake Russian Honey Cake. Well… Let it be! Russian Honey Cake is one of my favorite cakes to make! It’s delicious, paper-thin layers with easy cream filling and the best part – you can bake it few days before assemble and assemble the day before the occasion. Also, the cream (a.k. frosting and filling) didn’t require much […]

 Blueberry & Lemon muffins

Blueberries! I love them! We are eating them every day since the first ones showed up. Most popular recipes in our house right now are: Blueberry dessert with quark cream; Wide Blueberry & Spinach Smoothie We are eating blueberries fresh to get most of them but this time it’s time for tea and muffins! Girls made the crumble and helped […]

Wild Blueberry Cobbler

It’s blueberry season here in Latvia and we’ve been eating loads of wild blueberries! We add blueberries to smoothies or eat them with quark/ricotta and whipped cream. Since it’s Sunday and we have visitors it’s time for cobbler. Perfect, easy to make and delicious wild blueberry cobbler. Recipe below. Summer dessert Ilze

Blueberry dessert with quark cream

Blueberry dessert is a quick and easy recipe that is an absolute winner in our house since the wild blueberries are in the season! I call it healthy: blueberries itself is nutritious and quark cream is less in fat and calories than whip cream. Berries with whipped cream were my childhoods favorite dessert. We never thought of adding a quark to […]

Ponchiki (Quark Donuts)

My Mom used to make Pončiki when I was a little girl. Since the rain isn’t stopping here in Latvia decide to make Pončiki for my little girls. After a short call to my Mom and a half of hour, I had a full bowl of freshly fried Pončiki. Golden brown and delicious. Crunchy from the outside and fluffy on the inside. Russian cuisine […]

Maca energy balls

Maca. The first time I heard about Maca was few month ago.. Now I start my day with Mocachino and feel energised. I don’t need coffee anymore. OK, I’m not saying that I quit coffee. Just don’t feel I need it every morning and afternoon. Now I have another recipe. I found this one at Organic Burst webpage called Maca […]