Water Bath Canning

Am I getting old or what? I’ve been thinking about water bath canning since autumn when my mom made all the tomatoes on pickled cucumbers for us at her home… and was tired as hell! I didn’t have a pot big enough… And I considered buying one, but then I realize that my stove top … More Water Bath Canning

Making Apple Juice & Apple Sauce Using a Steamer Juicer

In my family, we never used Steamer Juicer for apple juice instead we used a cold press and then heated the juice in a big pot. Steamer Juicer was used for cranberries and currant. Steamer juicer is a great way to make homemade apple juice and sauce at the same time! I discovered it last year! … More Making Apple Juice & Apple Sauce Using a Steamer Juicer

My favorite wild mushrooms

As you know I love to go foraging for mushrooms and also you know that this year mushrooms are all over the place. Or at least where we live :). What’s my favorite wild mushrooms? These! – Suillus luteus (Slipery Jack) – Leccinum aurantiacum – Boletus reticulatus Schaeff. (Summer Bolete) – Leccinum variicolor Watling – Lactarius torminosus (Woolly Milk-cap) – Lactarius pubescens … More My favorite wild mushrooms