Mail Day #1

I love Mail Days!!! If there is something you bought you can’t wait for it to be delivered… her in Latvia it might take a while to deliver an item you ordered. For example – puzzles. Why!? Cause almost every internet shop orders items from Poland and then deliver to us :). It’s cheaper to send items to my studio […]

Handwritten letter

I received a handwritten letter from my friend Dimi! I can’t remember the last time I had received a handwritten letter! Maybe in high school! I’m not talking about Christmas cards and Birthday wishes but about REAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER on multiple pages! While I Opened up my letter I remembered when was the last time I received the letter… and […]

Happy Mail Day #8

I was so happy to receive a package from Eddy! First, because I ordered handcrafted homemade soaps from Eddy’s family and second, Eddy has tomato seeds that are “old-fashioned”.  What I mean by that?! I can grow a tomato and then save seeds for the next year and it will grow and will be the same tomato :). Thank you, Eddy! […]

Happy Mail Day #6

Another thing for cardmaking. Not just “another thing”! Something I wanted for ages but wasn’t ready to spend 105,- Euro! Now it’s here and I got it for a half price cause it’s used but it was written: “Condition: Like” I usually don’t believe but this time it really is “like new”!!! Bargain! Introducing, my friend (from trusted family): Dahle […]

Happy Mail Day #4

It’s interesting how I made friends by blogging! Last week I received lovely watercolor prints made by my blogging friend Jodi from USA! She is such an inspiration to me! When I first saw her blog I wanted to grow up and be like her! Now I know, that everything is in my hands! She is a beautiful person in and […]