Dark & Unpleasant

This pond is in the Janis parents property. In the spring I love to walk to the pond and sat in the swing and watch how Nature wakes up. Few days ago I took my walk and can’t believe my eyes. It was so dark, so mystery, so unpleasant…. I took the picture and walked away … More Dark & Unpleasant

Just an apple!

I’ve been amazed by Mother Nature many times before. This one is something I needed so much! I walk outside to take the picture of snowman – shared yesterday! And saw this! That the only one apple in the tree (this year we had only a few apples, wasn’t a good ear for apples!) made me … More Just an apple!

Frosty & Cold Morning

Brrr…. this was a surprise for all of us when we opened our eyes on Saturday morning and saw frost! Unexpected! Completely unexpected! The previous evening was beautiful and warm. I’m happy I was outside capturing all the beauty! Cause it was the last time this year we could enjoy the beautiful Latvian autumn colors. … More Frosty & Cold Morning

Full Moon

I don’t like full moon. OK. I don’t like full moon in the autumn. … especially when it’s raining outside and the moon is hiding behind dark clouds…. … and when  I’m the only one grownup in the house! And last night all THAT came together! I was home alone with Helmī, outside was raining, dark clouds … More Full Moon