Common hazel / Corylus avellana is blooming

Common hazel is blooming. I woudn’t notice it few years ago, but know my oldest doughter is almost 5 years old and she shows me everything: birds in sky, blooming flowers, bees and buterflies and few days ago she showed me “Wierd things are coming out of those branches! What is that?”. So it’s a bloom of hazel. Nice! We are […]

Snow, freeze, and Christmas… I meant Easter!

Winter is still standing behind springs shoulder. It was snowing yesterday! Easter snow?! Never happened before (or maybe I can’t recall…) Yesterday the ground was wet and warm and snow didn’t stay for long. But today I woke up to the white ground…. and it is freezing cold outside! -7C! The lowest temperature on April 18 in Latvia. It’s winter out […]

Pussy willow tree in bloom

I should walk to that pussy willow tree again tomorrow… or whenever the sun will come out! This is the first tree, that is blooming here in Latvia…. and one of the first plants that are blooming: snowdrops and pussy willows… what else? I can’t recall. Coltsfoot?! But I guess that’s later.   So…the pussy willow is blooming and it […]

Common chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs

Bird watching is something interesting. And you can do it no matter if you have a whole day or just an hour. This time I took my camera and run out for few minutes to capture the Mother Natures beauty. Spring. I like to run out for few minutes to be alone. These 10 – 20 minutes are so refreshing. Living […]

3 Edible Spring Greens

Finally, I can say I’m cured and the spring is here too! Finally, spring greens are coming out and we can make green smoothies, juices, and elixirs to get back on track. I’m low on iron as every spring and spring greens are essential for me to feel energized and healthy. Do you feel tired all the time? Check if […]

Our Natural Remedies

This weekend wasn’t as planned! Definitely wasn’t! So… as you might know, we wanted to start our first small travel trailer trip to visit my mom. We didn’t! Why? Girls were ill but getting better (on Friday morning). So we thought that we will go… We tried our caravans Truma gas heating system for the first time and we end up […]

European pine marten

Oh! That was a surprise! Something in the apple tree.. jumping… from one to another… squirrel! But wait! It is not a squirrel! What is it!? It is a European pine marten I guess! Can’t see! I stood quietly at the window and looked at the “pine marten”. That was all I can do, had all my girls at home […]

Unused Medicine

Finally, I did it! I opened my “first aid” box and took out all the medicine boxes with an expired date! Before I got pregnant (~10 years ago) I didn’t think about the cause of illness, I deal with the results of it. So did my family doctor. I used pills and liquids, emulsions and steroid ointments without any clue! I […]

Feeder Birds: European crested tit

I thought of sharing some birds we have here in Latvia in the winter time. We have feeders near a window but in distance, so we don’t disturb them. Mostly tits are coming to our feeder, sometimes woodpeckers. I love to watch them eat and sit in the nearest trees and sometimes we are lucky to see an unseen species. Like this […]


It’s been a while since I saw a doe in my garden for the last time. Finally, they are here once again! I love these animals. They are so beautiful, majestic, and free animals! The way they are eating, the way they are jumping, the way they are walking. I love it! Our living room windows are the site seeing […]