Getting busy

Busy…. I don’t like being busy, busy, busy… It means my priorities aren’t set! If you are busy to do something … that’s is weak goal setting! Maybe it sounds hush but it’s true! Believe me! If I’m too busy to write a blog post then the blog post isn’t that important. Something else come across! So it feels, that I’m […]

I’m alive!

Hello, my dear fellow bloggers & followers! I’m back to “normal”, I bet I will need one week to get into the rhythm we have in our household and to deal with the mess! Let’s start with the cake! I baked red currant cake to celebrate Sunday! Suny sunny Sunday! Greeting to you all! Ilze  

When you are sick

There are different types of sickness and different feelings about it. Mainly I don’t like to be sick!!! But sometimes sickness is an opportunity to stay in bed and take care of yourself… but sometimes sickness make you suffer a lot and you feel tired and terrified! I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m terrified… I’m hoping it will end soon! Ilze

Yesterday: Library

Yesterday we were in the library. It’s something special to us. We don’t visit library very often. Actually, this was the second time in the library as a family. I thought a library is something boring and full of books that no one can read through! But as the previous time (few month ago) also this time we were surprised! It […]

I’m back!

I’m back to blogging after the two-week break! Yes, it wasn’t two weeks – only 9 days! But it feels like half of the month! All comments on my blog answered yesterday so other people blogs for today! Now out with Nelle (Yes, shes still at home)! Ilze

Two weeks off

Things around me are getting crazy. I need more time, space, need to plan and do few projects… I’m taking days (up to two weeks) off from blogging. I just sat down for few hours to make scheduled posts for 8 days and now I’m saying goodbye for few weeks. Take care you all! Ilze

Etsy shop: FamilyBizzBuzz

Finally, I’ve started an Etsy shop… I once sold mom’s made socks on eBay and that was way easier than sell on Etsy… but someone suggested Etsy for handmade things, so Etsy it will be! The main reason for Etsy shop was my moms handknitted 100% wool socks that are natural and warm. But I also want to sell some digital […]


Receive a package from GrumpyTyke was a huge surprise as itself! Impatiently I cut and rip the package apart from the box… even bigger was my surprise seeing this: “Not to be opened until 27 JAN” OMG! Noooooo! I’m not good at this! Once I convince all my family to celebrate Christma Eve at 23rd of December! Yes, one day earlier! […]