Saturdays Bike Ride

If there is a sunny day we have a bike ride. And those sunny days are rare this summer here in Latvia. My mom visited us and we decide to go for a small bike ride before dinner. Girls asked for a picnic and that wasn’t a problem, as usual, I packed in few minutes. We were ready for the […]

Wood Pigeon / Columba Palumbus

About a year ago I saw two wood pigeons flying away from a fir tree. And for me, it’s not easy to identify the bird from the back! Since it was my first time saw Common Wood Pigeon. Today I was lucky – they were there again! And I made it to the camera and back to the window. I […]

How to Pack for a Picnic in 5 Minutes

A spontaneous picnic is the one I’m talking about. Can you pack for such picnic in 5 minutes? All you need is quick, free from cooking, cutting and mixing lunch box ideas! Grab and go! Usually, we have our picnic in the nearest forest (only 10 km away from home & people) that belongs to Latvian State Forests. They restore forests and sometimes […]


I was surprised to saw tiny daffodils growing in my flower bed… they weren’t there last spring! I stood there for a while and enjoyed this unexpected beauty! And suddenly I remembered – I plant them last Easter! I had them for the Easter decoration and later I didn’t throw them away – I planted them! And they survived. They are […]

Coltsfoot is blooming

A few weeks ago we went for a longer walk with all our girls (Nelle, Linna, and Helmī Saule). It’s not easy for us to went for a longer walk. Nelle doesn’t like walking, she likes to go with a balance bike. Also, if Nelle has a balance bike, Linna wants it too. But she is slower with the balance […]

Pussy willow tree in bloom

I should walk to that pussy willow tree again tomorrow… or whenever the sun will come out! This is the first tree, that is blooming here in Latvia…. and one of the first plants that are blooming: snowdrops and pussy willows… what else? I can’t recall. Coltsfoot?! But I guess that’s later.   So…the pussy willow is blooming and it […]

Common chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs

Bird watching is something interesting. And you can do it no matter if you have a whole day or just an hour. This time I took my camera and run out for few minutes to capture the Mother Natures beauty. Spring. I like to run out for few minutes to be alone. These 10 – 20 minutes are so refreshing. Living […]

European pine marten

Oh! That was a surprise! Something in the apple tree.. jumping… from one to another… squirrel! But wait! It is not a squirrel! What is it!? It is a European pine marten I guess! Can’t see! I stood quietly at the window and looked at the “pine marten”. That was all I can do, had all my girls at home […]