Oh! Hello, hello snow!

Now it looks like a fairytale land for sure! This is how I remembering all my birthdays: sun, snow, and at least -5C! Today my first thing in the morning was jumping out of bed, chaotically get dressed and run out with my camera…. I love it! I remember how I woke up at 4 am in the summer and went outside for […]


It’s been a while since I saw a doe in my garden for the last time. Finally, they are here once again! I love these animals. They are so beautiful, majestic, and free animals! The way they are eating, the way they are jumping, the way they are walking. I love it! Our living room windows are the site seeing […]

Winter in Latvia

Each of the seasons is special with something different. Coldest months of the year are usually January and February when temperature sometimes fall even to -30° C, but usually no longer than a few days and average temperature in Latvia winter is around -6° C. -Discover Latvia This is what Discover Latvia says about winter in Latvia. In my own words: […]

Following the rabbit tracks!

Today we (me, my mother and kids) went outside for some fresh-air activities.  As Helmī was tired and grumpy we decide to put her in the baby stroller, pack here nice and tight and go for the walk. We went outside and the weather looked nice and sunny. But when we went around the corner the wind blowed us back… The wind was […]

Interview for a magazine

Today we gave an interview for the local magazine. Usually I’m not the one who likes to be in magazines. I simply don’t wanna be popular. (Be real, you can’t get popular by giving an interview in local magazine!). …all started at the end of November 2016 when someone wrote me in the Facebook by claiming that she is redactor in one […]