Santa’s beard calendar

So, the Advent is here and my girls started to count down till Christmas. We started at 1st of December. Everything went as planned until Helmī got ill and stayed home and decide to destroy Nelle’s and Linna’s calendars… But I will print new ones, cause girls really love to cut the stripe off every evening! And I’m happy to […]

Max & Ruby Inspired Birthday Garland

As you know my daughters birthday party is coming up. I decide to make an easy printable Max & Ruby Garland while two of three were in the kindergarten. Why Max & Ruby? It’s this birthday’s theme. Helmī really loves Max & Ruby series. And we are watching them in English, cause there is no Latvian option but I also […]

Easter bunny

This year my Easter bunny left sitting on the top of my vintage cupboard. This bunny is special. It was delivered to our home at the day when Linna was born. Why?! I don’t know. I was so carried away by the easter bunnies letter and all the activities for the girls, that decoration wasn’t #1 priority this year. We […]

Scissor Cutting Practice: Shapes / Free Easter Printable

After all the scissor cutting practices are finished, a child might want to demonstrate his/her cutting skills. And what’s a better way then easter greeting card for a dad or a grandma?! I made few greeting cards for my oldest girl to cut out to show dad how good is her scissor cutting skill. Learn more about Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers. And download free […]

Scissor cutting practice: Simple Shapes / Free Easter printable

Scissor cutting practice is important for developing the fine motor skills that young children need in order to hold pencils, pens, and crayons. Children should start scissor cutting practice before learning how to write. About the Scissors cutting skill development you can find in my previous post: Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers.  Practice sheets for short and long cuts, you can download here: Scissor […]

Scissor Cutting Skills / FREE Easter Printable Worksheet

About the Scissors cutting skill development you can find in my previous post: Scissors Cutting Practice for Preschoolers. For better results and faster learning start with tearing paper by hand and the cut short cuts and end with wavy lines. I made Easter themed worksheets…. because, why not!  I’d say this a Preschool Cutting Activity for 3-year-olds and up. Don’t expect they […]

Wooden Cubes Pattern set

We bought set of wooden blocks for girls to play a few years ago. They still use them when playing with other wooden sets but not that much anymore. I don’t like throw away toys (nor other things!). That old set has cubes in it and now it’s time to use them again. Since Nelle (will be 5yo in May 2017) loved these […]